Popular Granite Countertop Colors for 2020

Denver granite countertops

Granite is one of the best choices when it comes to kitchen countertops – the slabs of natural stone are durable and attractive, wonderful assets to have in any kitchen. If you are currently looking for a new granite countertop and you want to find out about the latest color trends, here are some tips from Denver granite countertops sales people:

  • White or off-white with flecks or stripes – the dominant light color will add a spot of freshness to any kitchen, while the flecks or stripes chosen to harmonize with the colors used on other components in your kitchen, such as on your cabinet doors, will bring together the look of the entire kitchen;
  • Brown – warm tones create cozy designs, so choosing a granite slab in a chocolaty tone will add harmony to your kitchen space design;
  • Black or charcoal – these strong, dark colors work great in modern settings that feature similar hues on the floor or on the cabinet doors. Dark slabs also work great in colorful settings – a black or charcoal counter is all you need for pulling the entire look together in your kitchen;
  • Grey – this soft tone is a classic that will never go out of fashion and is suitable for complementing any kitchen design.