Popular Trends in Granite Countertops: Light vs. Dark – Choose the Perfect Shade

luxery kitchen with beautiful granite

Known for its impressive aesthetics, but also for its excellent durability, granite is one of the most popular and trendy materials used by construction supply Denver kitchen wholesalers. Besides the many other advantages that a granite countertop provides, the popularity of this natural stone material also resides in the wide range of colors available to help you customize your kitchen style more easily, according to the colors of your furniture or floor.

The current trends show a particular preoccupation to match the granite countertop with the rest of the kitchen, but the many colors and shades available make this process rather difficult.

Any color can match a particular type of kitchen, depending on the style and the other existing elements (walls, floors, furniture…). When you are looking for the perfect color for your granite kitchen countertop, you must always consider at least two basic factors:

– The size of the kitchen – If you own a small kitchen, always opt for light colors, because the dark ones optically shrink the space

– Maintenance – Granite is generally very resistant to wear and tear, but it is not recommended to place hot objects directly on it, as they may form stains. If you want to eliminate this concern, you should choose a dark shade.