What Is the Best Way to Clean the Bathroom?

Ideally, bathroom cleaning should be an ongoing process, but daily scrubbing and wiping is hard to fit into our schedules. When you decide to spend some time restoring the cleanliness of what is probably among the most used rooms in any home, you probably want to be efficient and very thorough at the same time.


Here are some tips for you from home improvement consultants and building suppliers at Buy and Build:

  • Ensure proper ventilation – most bathroom cleaning products are strong and they might emit unpleasant fumes, so before you start cleaning, open the doors and the windows in your bathroom;
  • Cleaning the tub – put on rubber gloves, then spray the tub inside and outside with a product that is efficient and safe for the surface, then wait for a couple of minutes for the chemical to start working. Use a sponge with a scrubbing surface to remove stubborn dirt, then rinse every residue. Of you see any mold, use a suitable mold-removing substance;
  • Cleaning the toilet and the washbasin – the process is essentially the same as with the tub, just make sure you use separate sponges and pieces of cloth on each of the surfaces;
  • Cleaning the floor – leave the floor to the end. The method is the same as with the other surfaces;
  • Don’t forget the fan – the bathroom fan needs to be vacuumed and cleaned with a mild detergent whenever you clean the rest of the space.

How to Care for Wood Cabinets

Because wood is a natural product, any product made of wood it has many natural characteristics like patterns, colors and grain, due to the natural growing condition. Each type of wood requires special care.

With proper care, wood Denver cabinets should have a long lifetime of use and satisfaction. The basic care that you can give to it is an attentive cleaning and polishing, but try to avoid damaging household cleaners. Use a soft rag and wipe in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid using scouring pads and abrasive cleaners.

wood Denver cabinets

Like any homeowner, you would probably want to keep a fresh look for your kitchen. In this equation, grease and grime buildup that can damage cabinets have no place. Try to keep it clean every day by removing greasy stains with hot water or by mixing baking soda with water, and remove any residual moisture.

Once in a while, look for the nicks and scratches to fix. You can rub these surfaces with a paste made of mineral oil and pumice, or you can cover it up with wax. You could use a wax crayons.  Especially for laminate surfaces, if you want to avoid these scratches, use a chopping block when cutting.


The Proper Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are valuable and durable assets, surfaces that can stand up to lots of abuse, but when it comes to cleaning, they need special attention and gentle care. Here is how to clean your granite countertop, the best method to preserve its beauty along with its cleanliness:

 granite countertop cleaning

  • Check whether the surface of the granite countertops Denver install is properly sealed – granite is a porous material that can absorb the substances it comes in contact with if it is not properly treated. Before doing any cleaning, check the sealing by leaving a few drops of water on the surface – if the drops bead up, the sealing is perfect, if they run, the countertop needs resealing;
  • Use some mild detergent, such as dish soap and a piece of soft cloth, such as microfiber cloth and some hot water, then gently wipe the surface to remove impurities;
  • Granite is impervious to bacteria, but if you want to make sure that no bacteria thrive on your countertop, finish the cleaning process by spraying the countertop with a mix of one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Leave the mix on for about 3 minutes, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

You can use one of the special granite cleaners available in stores, but avoid harsh substances, such as products that contain ammonia or bleach because they can cause permanent damage to your granite countertop.

Cleaning Tips for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are great, attractive additions in any kitchen and they are also comfortable to use and easy to clean – here are a few cleaning tips for Denver countertops:

  • Seal the granite surface – the surface of granite is not very porous, but even so, it needs to be properly sealed. If you are not sure whether your countertop is sealed, run a few drops of water on the surface – if the drops run, your countertop is sealed, if they spread, you need to apply some good-quality stone sealant to prevent the stone from absorbing the liquids that result from food preparation processes;
  • Be gentle to your granite countertop – granite is hard, but it can be easily damaged by chemicals that contain ammonia, bleach, lime, lemon or vinegar. Use some mild soap and warm water to clean your granite countertop and wipe it with a piece of microfiber cloth or soft washcloth to remove any residues of the cleaning liquid;
  • Disinfecting – properly sealed granite does not absorb any bacteria, but if you want to disinfect the surface, use a mix that consists of one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Spray the surface with the mix, leave it on for about three minutes, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

cleaning granite countertops

Hardwood and Granite Countertops – What Works and What Doesn’t?

Considering the issue of how well hardwood and granite countertops go together, many granite experts will tell you that this combination is one of the best you can consider for the cost. While there are a lot of other types of countertops you can think of using, Denver granite countertops will provide adequate protection and also offer a unique level of appeal that very few other materials are capable of.

 granite countertop

So, the color of the paint on hardwood counters should definitely match everything else you have in your kitchen, including islands, tables, bars and stools. You can also consider using unique finishes for hardwood counters that will add an extra flare of style and unique appeal.

When it comes to the countertop design, however, it’s important to take care to match the countertop color and texture to the style you chose for your hardwood counter design. Typically, this means you can consider a lighter color for the countertop, if the hardwood is a darker shade of brown, gray or blue. On the other hand, lighter counters are more versatile in terms of contrast, allowing you to choose anything from absolute black to an “Antico” white or cream design.

Selecting the right type of countertop can take some time and care. However, you’ll find the combination of a granite top with hardwood to be well worth it, especially if you’re aiming for long term appeal for your Denver home.