Remodeling Projects to Finish for Mother’s Day

Buy and Build wishes you a happy mothers day!

Spring is the best time to talk about remodeling, as changes bring … changes, right? Until Mother’s Day, which is about to come in May, you should make your spring clean and rearrange your house to meet and greet the warm season.

Intimacy, tranquility and comfort

Perhaps the biggest change in home design trends with the coming of spring is … the lack of significant change. The season of nature’s renaissance is dominated by interior designs that promote privacy, tranquility and comfort. Personal styles favoring the creation of an intimate space govern home design trends this spring.

Warm and welcoming

Choose lush and soft textiles, not necessarily the most trendy or super cool materials; it is enough for them to provide you the feeling of safety and well-being! Eclectic decorations can also be an option. Try to combine different items from different time periods, souvenirs and similar things. Suitable color palettes are the “quiet” ones, such as white, gray, cream, deep blue or combinations of these.

But if you prefer interior design that proves originality and imagination, choose fabrics inspired by rocks and minerals in abstract forms, avant-garde or even surrealistic materials.

By looking for the right accessories, you may also find the right gift to offer on Mother’s Day.

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