Common Mistakes Made When Buying Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops add value and visual appeal to any kitchen, but only if the material is chosen right – here are some of the most common mistakes that you want to avoid while shopping for Denver granite countertops:

  • Assuming that you can find the slab that looks exactly like the sample – granite is a natural material, which also means that no two slabs are identical and you will need to be able to see and to touch your slab before you buy it;
  • Not matching your granite to samples of the floor or to pictures – the countertop is usually the centerpiece in the kitchen, a design element that needs to match the color and the texture of the floor and of the furnishing in the kitchen. Take the time to grab a sample of the flooring or take a few pictures of the kitchen to make sure the countertop works with the rest of the kitchen;
  • Not making accurate measurements – buying a granite slab that is too large, too small, too thin or too thick can ruin your entire kitchen, so make sure your measurements are right. Repeat the measurements as many times as you want to make sure they are accurate because once you have bought the slab, corrections will be difficult to make.

Make Your Kitchen More Convenient: How Does Refacing Cabinet Doors Work?

So you just bought a new house, but inside you just realized that it’s far from being “new.” The kitchen looks like an old ‘70s movie, and the kitchen counters and cabinets look even older and more worn down than that. Fortunately, instead of investing in costly new cabinets, you can look at discount cabinets in Denver, and possibly get away with about $1,000 worth of refacing.

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What is refacing? The process of refacing your kitchen cabinet doors simply involves giving your cabinets a makeover. You have to remove the old doors and replace them with new ones. Right before that, you can use a matching veneer design to cover all the other surfaces and make your cabinets look brand new.

The great thing about the refacing process is that it can even work with extremely old cabinets, as long as they still look pretty good and aren’t completely damaged. Cabinet doors are typically replaced to ensure that the most visible part looks good enough, but also to avoid any problems related to cabinet doors that are scratched or bent out of shape.

The financial aspect of refacing cabinet doors is what makes the process really worth it. You can often reduce your expenses 4-5 times, and the end result will still be enough to impress your neighbors.

Is It Really Worth the Cost to Buy a Waterfall Countertop?

Waterfall granite countertops have become a new trend that a lot of people are into these days. While traditional countertops are equally appealing, waterfall countertops are far more flowing and elegant, offering an added appeal that will make your kitchen look unique.

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Unlike traditional countertops, which come with a single, horizontal surface that ends abruptly at the edge of an island or a bank of cabinets, a waterfall countertop is far more interesting in its design. It features a continuous surface that drops vertically at its sides, giving glamour to your home and flowing with the surrounding design in a truly elegant and beautiful manner.

Are waterfall granite countertops in Denver homes worth the extra cost? It’s no use pretending that this added feature of aesthetics won’t cost you extra. However, when you think of the appeal that a waterfall countertop can bring, especially when used as a centerpiece like an island counter placed in the middle of your kitchen, then it definitely looks like it might be worth every penny.

With a beautiful design, a surface that will not easily age or be damaged, and a unique contrast with its environment, your new waterfall countertop will be the shiniest piece in your home, and no visitor will fail to appreciate its value and beauty.

Tips for Spicing Up Your Kitchen Décor

It is time to spice up your boring kitchen with vibrant décor designs that will render it a vision of elevated interest and character. Here some tips to escape the dull routine, and give your kitchen a trendy appeal and a sense of uniqueness.

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  1. Create contrast. If you want your kitchen look interesting, you should juggle with colors to bring in an eye-catching contrast that sparks up interest. Choose various painting patterns for your cabinet’s items. From tableware to baking tools to appliances, all of them must be uniquely colored and stand out from each other. Also, a contrast of extremities between white and black, will enlarge visually the space and provide a sober lighting.
  2. Play with furniture. Go bold by using furniture of various shapes and styles. Instead of opting for a standard boxy table and straight-backed chairs, feel free to choose items with stylish curves, elegant edges and telling patterns.
  3. Add lighting. Brighten up your kitchen with modern lighting options. You can fit the shelves and cabinet’s bottom with LED strip lights that will illuminate the space with lively colors and eliminate the dull shading. Available in various styles, pendant lights are a great choice to keep pace with the latest trends in design.

Find big savings at construction supply Denver stores and give your home that new unique vibe that you are looking for!

When is the Best Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Since any home remodeling has to do with hiring a contractor and ordering products, knowing the best time for taking on these tasks may save you money and ensure high quality works.

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There are some aspects that determine the best time for ordering products. The showrooms are busier during fall, when most home remodeling is on the way. Taking your time, and ordering the products from the beginning of winter till late spring will bring you valuable benefits. Less crowded showrooms will give you the chance to be advised by a design consultant. In addition, showrooms are more flexible in the cold season, when they need to put more efforts into emptying the stocks. Thus, you can pay less, by negotiating the price. You should better order a month or two in advance, as many products arrive with large delays. For quality and reasonable pricing, check out the Buy and Build Denver showroom.

The busiest times of contractors are from August to November, and you will find it’s hard to get scheduled over this timeframe. Waiting for a contractor to finish other projects will make you face long delays. Moreover, if he is involved in other jobs, he is prone to make mistakes. This is why it is more reasonable to hire a contractor after winter holidays, when the number of orders comes down. You can get a schedule in spring or early summer, which comes in handy due to friendly weather and longer days.