Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Usually, the bathroom is the most disregarded room of the house when it comes to making some investment. But what could you do for remodeling your bathroom on a budget? First thing you could do is visit discount construction supply Denver retailers to get

First of all, see what you can do on your own. Before you get to work, you can visit bathroom construction supply Denver retailers for ideas. Also, look for design ideas in magazines, websites, or even in the cool and cozy restaurants. Some of them may have a unique design.

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If you want to mount new tiles from the ceiling to the floor, it can be quite expensive. To save your money, try to mount tiles only around the shower or around the bathtub. For walls you can choose washable paint and for the floor you can choose vinyl flooring. This kind of decor will give your bathroom an extraordinary stylistic look.

For towel storage, you can choose some open shelves. These are much cheaper and give your bathroom a friendly look. Furthermore, you can recondition and redesign old pieces of furniture. There are a lot of “do it yourself” (DIY) tutorials on youtube. A paint layer could work miracles, plus, it will give tour bathroom a little piece of your soul.

Instead of replacing the whole toilet, you can replace only the toilet seat. Choose an original one and give the toilet a refreshed look. If the bathtub is not damaged, you can refresh it by having it professionally relined.