Short Remodels to Complete over Memorial Day Weekend

 window flower box

Spring is the perfect season to make some changes when it comes to the interior design. They do not have to be major, but you can consider some short remodels that you can complete over the Memorial Day weekend.

First of all, buy spring flowers and decorate the house with them. If you are passionate about DIY projects, you may want to also decorate a few flower pots according to the season outside. They will look amazing anywhere you put them. Flowers will animate the rooms, and spring means, after all, color, freshness and fantastic perfumes. How to infuse your home with spring better than with flowers? Maybe you want to build some flower window boxes? Flower filled window boxes improve your home curb appeal and also are beautiful to look at from the inside as well. Your local building materials Denver store will have all the supplies you need to complete these easy DIY projects.

In tune with them, maybe you should think about other decorations too. Thus, a few decorative pillows wrapped in lightweight covers will make your soft look great, releasing it from the cold winter atmosphere when it was surely covered with thick blankets. In the bedrooms, the linens are also welcome. Organic textures are perfect for spring decorations!

When it comes to colors, choose seasonal tones such as pink, green, pistachio, blue or lilac. Do not be afraid of floral prints, wicker baskets, or rattan furniture placed on your deck.