Should I Remodel My Bathroom? – Signs that Tell You to Act

The bathroom is probably the most expensive room in the house when it comes to remodeling, that’s why most homeowners keep postponing complete bathroom remodeling and prefer to do small repairs every now and then, hoping that they will keep the bathroom operational. However, there signs that tell you the remodeling can wait no longer – here are some of them:

  • Mold keeps coming back in the shower area and in the corners, even if you use mold removal substances regularly;
  • Leaking fixtures – toilets and showerheads can stay functional for around a decade – if yours are older than that, they are probably causing problems already and you need to replace them. New items are also more water-efficient, so you will soon the benefits of the replacement on your water bills;
  • Your tub is cracked or it gets easily stained and never looks perfectly clean – tub surfaces develop pores over time and become difficult or impossible to clean. If the tub is otherwise in good condition, you may consider using a few layers of special enamel paint to refresh the tub’s appearance and prevent easy staining;
  • High humidity and odors – if the air in the bathroom does not feel right, chances are the room does not ventilate property and you need to replace the exhaust system.

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