Signs It’s Time to Buy New Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

time for cabinet replacement

Cabinet replacement in your kitchen or in your bathroom can wait for a while, but it cannot be postponed indefinitely – here are a few signs that it’s time to get new cabinets:

  • Cracked and badly stained countertops on the cabinets – the scratches and the cracks on the countertop are not only unsightly, but bad for your health as well. Food residues and other impurities can gather in the scratches and they promote the proliferation of bacteria, so if your countertop is not in a good shape, it is time to replace it;
  • Your cabinets don’t work properly – if the cabinet hardware is old, rusty and no longer opens or closes the cabinet door properly, if the box of the cabinet is stained, cracked or chipped, it is time to replace your old cabinetry with solid and properly working new units;
  • You don’t have enough space – your kitchen or bathroom space seems to become smaller as your family grows, so if your cabinets no longer provide the space that you need for being able to use your rooms comfortably, it is time to get new units. Modern kitchen and bathroom cabinets use smart hardware solutions that maximize Denver cabinets space and you can find solutions to transform unused kitchen areas into storage space as well.