Simple Updates to Granite Counter Tops that can Save You Money

Most people think of granite as an ideal surface against dirt, being very easy to maintain – which is true. However, maintaining a granite countertop should not be neglected because some stains become very difficult to remove if not cleaned in the right time.

Denver granite countertops

Practically maintenance free Denver granite countertops is a great choice when you want elegance, and your budget is not an issue. But if you want a solution that is almost just as advantageous and can save you money, we advise you to consider a countertop made from other natural stones.

With a limestone countertop, you will benefit from a natural and elegant aspect, and its costs will be lower than those of a granite countertop. In terms of durability, it will last a long time if sealed correctly. Dirt stains must be removed quickly otherwise they can be absorbed.

Another natural stone cheaper than granite is travertine. This material has been used in construction for thousands of years and will provide your kitchen a historic, classic look. – A clear choice if you have a preference for rustic style. Travertine is available in shades such as beige, gray-beige, brick and gold. In addition to this color variety, the finishes can vary as well, from raw (natural) to a fine surface similar to granite or marble. Cutting and installing this stone is easy, which makes it quite affordable compared to granite.