Space Saving Ideas for Small Homes

If you live in a small home and you feel that the small space around you is shrinking rapidly because of the shortage in storage space, here are a few tips that can help you find a place for everything and to make your home feel more spacious:

person in a small space

  • A recessed pantry – you can easily expand your kitchen by adding a cabinet built into the suitable wall. Make sure the new pantry has sliding doors and adjustable shelves are also very useful.
  • Install shelves and cabinets in dead spaces – the space under the staircase or in the hall, next to the entrance are great for adding clever storage units such as shelves for shoes or cabinets for items that you don’t use every day. Look for the cost saving discount cabinets Denver businesses offer to see all the different ways cabinetry can offer you the best storage solutions. Roll out shelving ensures that you get the most out of the space as well.
  • Storage under the floor – you can build compartments under the boards of your kitchen floor as well – they are great for concealing unused objects.
  • Shelves in the stairs – you can transform your stairs into shelves to deposit shoes or even toys, just make sure to maintain the structural integrity of the staircase.
  • Multifunctional, folding furniture – most furniture stores nowadays sell beds that can be folded up into the wall and can be transformed into a sofa as well, allowing you to enjoy more space with the bed folded, but without hindering comfort.