Should You Paint Your Old Bathroom Cabinets Yourself?

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Some might say that it’s easy to paint your own bathroom cabinets. However, the process might not be as simple and straightforward as most people would believe. Moreover, the use of appropriate paint – that fits the material well – and the addition of coatings that will extend your cabinets’ lifespan, must also be considered carefully.

Even though a DIY paint job might seem like the right solution, it doesn’t always work out well. Aside from the fact that it might be a lot of work, depending on how many and how large your cabinets might be, there is also the issue that you could make a mistake, buy the wrong paint or even damage the cabinets in the process. Worst case scenario is that you might have to spend a lot of money replacing your old cabinets if the job doesn’t work out well.

The best alternative approaches include asking for advice from bathroom renovation Denver experts. Many contractors deal with refinishing and upgrading old countertops and cabinets, and they will likely be more than happy to help you out. If you’re looking for the best possible solutions for your bathroom remodel, you should definitely consider giving them a call.

Which Denver Experts Can Advise You on Keeping Bathroom Remodeling Practical?

bathroom renovation Denver

When you start a bathroom renovation Denver interior designers are your best bet to keep things simple and practical. These specialists work like this:

  • They make a cost-effective and achievable plan for renovating the bathroom, taking into account important elements such as the size of the room, your preferences, the budget you have at your disposal, etc.
  • They advise you on the best building materials, or in choosing furniture and decorations, so that the final result is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  • They come up with creative options to renovate your bathroom in style.

Therefore, the experience of such a professional can save you a lot of time wasted in stores or in front of the computer looking for design ideas or with the meter in hand, trying to find out if a certain bathroom vanity that you have put your eyes on in a showroom has the right size for your bathroom. All you have to do is trust the professionalism of an interior designer and allow them to help you.

An interior designer can offer you all the recommendations you need so that you can make smart and efficient investments. All these aspects will also increase the value of the house.


Tips to Make Bathroom Remodeling Easy

A bathroom remodeling job isn’t just about finding a few good quality faucets and shower curtains and slapping them into place. Many experts will tell you, and will point out bathroom designs in bathroom showrooms to offer proof, that you have to look at your bathroom as a whole, with each part of it being like the piece of an elegant puzzle.

bathroom renovation Denver

Making your remodel easy is, of course, much more than that. It’s not just about design, but about practicality, and if you want to create the perfect blend between the two, you simply have to talk to a dependable contractor about your options. They will often tell you to buy sets of plumbing accessories, faucets and fixtures, and provide you with information on standard bathroom products that don’t require to be adapted to your installations. With those products, the process can be very easy, and you will still adhere to the vision of setting up your new bathroom as a completed puzzle.

Another important recommendation that candid bathroom renovation Denver designers will point out is that you have to consider tiles, flooring, bathroom vanities and other products designed both for practical purposes and appearance as fitting in a pattern and being adaptable to your home as well as to the environment. Humidity and the climate in your area, for example, should definitely weigh into your choice, since installing products that aren’t suited to the conditions in your area might mean that you’ll have to replace or repair them on a regular basis.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Style for Your Bathroom

 bathroom renovation Denver

Not all people think about the importance of choosing a new cabinet style for the bathroom. However, you’ll find that the following points are very important to keep in mind if you want a stylish bathroom, and especially if you’re also thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future:

  1. Think of whether or not you want to get a complete bathroom remodel. The cabinet you purchase should fit the style of your bathroom, so if you get a complete remodel, you’ll have a lot more freedom to choose the style you want overall.
  2. Consider the amount of space you have. Smaller bathrooms will not only require cabinets that fit their size, but also cabinet designs that make you feel less claustrophobic when you take a shower or brush your teeth.
  3. Follow recent trends, especially if you plan to rent or sell the house any time soon. Modern trends for bathroom renovation Denver homes tend to attract wealthier tenants and buyers, and a lot of them will be more willing to pay top dollar to get an awesome looking, fashionable bathroom as part of the deal.
  4. Avoid spending too much for a unique or eccentric style. Some trends might be hot for a while, but they will still change eventually. Even if they don’t, choosing a style that’s too eccentric can make your cabinet look out of place, and it can also put off visitors and potential buyers.

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

With a little inspiration and minor investments, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, where you can clean your mind, not just your body.

Here are some Zen ideas from premier bathroom renovation Denver showrooms:

  • Create the perfect lighting

One of the first things that sets the mood in a bathroom is lighting. It doesn’t have to be too strong; it can become unpleasant to relax in the bathtub when you have three 100 watt bulbs above your head.

Install a dimmer switch so you can set the intensity according to your preferences or the time of day. Use light bulbs as close to natural light as possible and place candles in the room to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Bring nature to your bathroom

A Zen experience is not complete if you do not surround yourself with nature. Place a few flower pots on the bathroom cabinets, or even a larger plant in a corner. Also, if you have pebbles and shells hidden somewhere in the house,  collected during the last vacation spent by the sea, put them in a glass bowl and place them among soaps and body care products.

  • Don’t forget about aromatherapy

The smell is one of the senses that needs to be pampered, so another important element of a successful SPA experience is aromatherapy. Equip your bathroom with scented incense sticks, candles and essential oils. Always choose natural products.

Is Bathroom Remodeling a Practical Choice When Selling Your Home?

Have you decided to sell your house? Before posting the sale announcement, it is good to know that you can increase the value of the property if you take into account certain details. Statistics show that the sale price can increase quite a bit if small functional and aesthetic improvements are made. And that’s because most buyers prefer to invest in a property ready to move into, not in a house that needs various renovations.

bathroom renovation Denver

However, do not think that you have to renovate the house from scratch. No way! But there are some works that can make a difference, and bathroom remodeling is definitely one of them.

If you are renovating the bathroom to increase the value of the house for a future sale, it is recommended to ask yourself, first of all, what potential buyers may want. Although it can be very difficult to anticipate, you can do a little research on current bathroom renovation Denver trends. In general, people look for a beautiful design, better functionality and more storage space. You can find very affordable solutions to do such work, and your effort will be rewarded by the increase of the value of your house, which will speed up the sale process.