How to Decide on a Kitchen Backsplash

 granite countertops and backsplash

Your backsplash is an important component in any kitchen – its design can make or break your kitchen design and its material will ensure or compromise the usability of your kitchen sink or of the countertop in front of the backsplash. If you are currently browsing backsplash solutions, but the more pics you see, the more daunting the task seems, here are some tips to help you choose the best design and the best material from quality building materials Denver retailers:

  • Consider the personality of your kitchen – use the overall style of your kitchen to determine the backsplash style. A sleek, modern and industrial kitchen, complete with amazing Denver granite countertops, will look great with stainless steel behind the sink, while off-white subway tiles would look great in a classic kitchen;
  • The role of the backsplash – if you want your backsplash to stand out, you can go for patterned tiles or for brighter, bolder colors, either in the tiles or in the grout between them, but if you want a backsplash that simply blends in, choose hues that are not conspicuous;
  • Function – how much you use your kitchen will also determine the choice of the backsplash color. Patterned tiles as well as cream, beige, light grey or brown conceal stains well and don’t require you to clean the backsplash after each time you use your sink or the countertop in front of the backsplash, but bolder colors, such as dark brown, black or strong hues, such as red or orange make even the smallest spot stand out, so you will need to clean your colorful backsplash more often.

Getting Your Home Remodel Done Before the Holidays

 home remodel tips

With the holidays approaching quickly, there is not too much time left for remodelling projects, but even so, there are lots of ways to implement spectacular changes without too much work – here are some tips:

  • Retouch your cabinet doors – if your cabinets are otherwise intact, but you don’t like the doors, all you need is some sandpaper, paint or wallpaper and some new handles and you can give them a brand-new look with a few hours’ work;
  • Do some painting – the project requires you to completely empty the room to be painted, but even so, it can be all done in a few days;
  • Rearrange the furniture – a new furniture configuration can transform the way your room looks;
  • Get new lights – a new lampshade for your standard lamp, a string of LED lights installed underneath you wall-mounted kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference;
  • Polish hardwood floors – another job that can be done in a couple of days and it transforms the way your rooms look. Get a few colourful rugs and the results will be spectacular;
  • Touch up your bathroom – installing a new faucet from a building materials Denver retail store and retouching the cabinet door and the countertop are not very complicated, but they can add class and functionality to your bathroom.

Tips For Buying the Best Cabinets

If you plan a kitchen remodeling or just moved to your new home and plan to create a new functional and aesthetic kitchen, know that the cabinets have a prime role in equipping it.  We use them to store things that we use in the kitchen and that tend to pile up: from dishes to large pots, pans and other supplies. In the same time, cabinets are also pieces of furniture that provide personality to this room, so their choice must be made with care, keeping in mind certain aspects.

  1. Do not agglomerate the room too much

A kitchen filled with cabinets and appliances will not give you enough freedom to completely enjoy your meals with your loved ones. Moreover, it often happens that very large furniture, with many cabinets, remains empty.

  1. Use the available space intelligently

Even if your kitchen is not very small, space can still be a problem. Use upper cabinets, hanged on empty walls.

use quality construction materials

  1. Quality, more important than the design

Prices for kitchen cabinets are very varied. You can find very cheap kitchen furniture, but its resistance over time is likely to be directly proportional to the price. The quality of the materials and installation is the most important aspect. Searching for quality building materials in Denver will ensure functional longevity and lasting enjoyment in your kitchen remodel.

  1. Think about the long-term cabinet maintenance