The Top 3 Reasons Why Contractors are Staying Busy During the Pandemic

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The field of construction does not seem to have suffered too much during the pandemic. Large suppliers of building materials announce even higher turnovers than last year.

Contractors were directly and indirectly affected by the pandemic, although not all of them were affected evenly. However, 70% of contractors are not visibly affected and continue to work while respecting the necessary protection rules. They typically work with existing stocks of materials. The overall uncertainty, the duration of the crisis, delays/ cancellations of deliveries or a potential illness of an employee are the risks recognized by most building supplies Denver businesses and contractors.

The main reasons why contractors manage to stay busy during the pandemic:

  1. Given the fact that many companies now allow their employees to work from home and some offices are empty, they take advantage of this situation to start renovation/ remodeling works.
  2. Infrastructure and civil-engineering projects are very important to every community, even during the pandemic, so contractors that deal with sewers, water, pump stations, drainage etc. will keep having lots of work to do.
  3. For residential contractors, business is also still up and does not seem to slow down with the pandemic. That`s because roofing, plumbing and other projects are too difficult to be performed by inexperienced home owners. Besides, considering that people stay at home more, they tend to do more projects, so they contact more specialists to do their work.



What Are the Best Trends for Kitchen Cabinetry This Fall?

This fall it’s all about being original, and many of the kitchen renovation trends in the industry very much reflect that fact. The following trends are considered among the top most popular ones for the fall of 2020:

  • Kitchen larders used to be all the rage before the refrigerator was invented. Designed to keep food fresh, these cabinets have been coming back into style, and are considered one of the top fall trends for 2020.
  • A great way to avoid spending a lot of money on new wooden cabinets is to get reclaimed ones that cost a lot less but can still provide your kitchen with that cozy, traditional feel you might be looking for. It’s practically perfect for a fall kitchen makeover. Check out big box building supplies Denver suppliers to explore this and other trendsetting kitchen design looks.

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  • Metal cabinets are a great choice for modern homes. This fall, the use of different types of metals is in, as some homeowners might use brass for their faucets and nickel for various knobs. You can choose a whole other type of metal for your cabinets and still have them looking bright and fashionable.
  • Finally, the focus on exaggerated texture is pretty much in already, and it’s considered an inspired choice for this fall. Instead of plain looking cabinets, you can add character and personality to your kitchen by buying a highly textured set that still blends in well with your other kitchen furniture items.

Where to Buy Discount Kitchen Cabinets

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If you need new kitchen cabinets but you are on a budget, you will be happy to know that there are ways to get discounted products.

  1. Community swaps and sales

There are many websites dedicated to community swaps and sales and you can always find people who give away or sell cheap their old cabinets. This way, you may have the chance to score great quality and durable products.

  1. Second hand furniture shops

The advantages are pretty much the same

  1. Cabinets displayed in show rooms or stores

These cabinets have been handled by visitors, so they will not be sold outright, but for a cheaper price. This option can be really great, because shops and showrooms typically display the best products, to attract customers. Unfortunately, these offers are not publicly listed, so you may have to build relationships with managers or store owners.

  1. Ready-to-assemble cabinets

Visiting building supplies Denver shops that sell RTA cabinets is another way to find cheaper offers. These cabinets are shipped flat, but all the necessary hardware will be included. Installation is not so complicated; the only downside is that it takes some time to put them together.

  1. Factory price products

Check with local online building supplies Denver distributors selling kitchen cabinets at factory direct pricing.


The Best Way to Find a Reputable Cabinet Installer

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DIY cabinet installation might seem like a great way to save money and to exercise your DIY skills at the same time, but good-quality cabinet installation takes some experience and tools, too. If you feel that you don’t have the right type of knowledge or your tool box is not large enough, hiring an experienced cabinet installer might be a better solution – here is how to find a reputable expert:

  • Ask around – many people choose to get their cabinets installed by professionals, so asking the people you know about their experiences with cabinet installers is a great way to find a responsible and skilled technician;
  • Visit a recommended building supplies Denver store, and ask them for names of contractor’s they have had good experiences with.
  • Look online – many companies that provide interior decoration services provide cabinet installation as well and most of them also advertise themselves online. Enter a quick query into your browser and perform an online check to find out what other people say about each contractor that you find in your area;
  • Get into touch with contractors – call the contractors that you have found online and ask them to provide cost estimates. The quality of the written estimates and the willingness shown by the contractors to answer your questions are important aspects to take into consideration before you make the final decision.

Where are the Best Places to Find Affordable Kitchen Cabinets?

Affordable kitchen cabinets are the main goal of anyone who wants to change the look and practicality of their kitchen.

Perhaps the first name that comes to most people’s mind is IKEA, which is great in terms of affordable prices and practical ideas.

CliqStudios helps you create your own kitchen with the help of designers, free of charge. They build ordered kitchen cabinets in their own factory, which they sell to customers at wholesale prices.

Modern Family Kitchens claim that they are the American-based version of IKEA, at even more affordable prices. Another advantage is that they come pre-assembled.

Habitat ReStore is a shop selling mostly donated things, of which the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Here you can sometimes find good products at incredible prices

Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a website that offers good quality kitchen cabinets at lower prices, helping you save a lot of time and money.

In Stock Kitchens take pride in offering lower prices than their competitors. At the same time, they have a wide variety of styles and tones to choose from for re-creating your kitchen space.

Best Online Cabinets have a very customer-friendly webpage, helping you navigate easily and providing the tools to help you decide faster on the direction you want to take.

BUY and BUILD – We saved the BEST for last – Buy and Build offers the best inexpensive building supplies Denver has for cabinetry,  countertops and fixtures.

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Kitchen Cabinetry Trends that You Should Know About


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Kitchen cabinet designs have always been governed by trends – here are some tips about how to create a trendy kitchen:

  • Use dark colors – darker hues, such as graphite, navy, even black, are no longer considered to be sober. If you love solid colors, but you are concerned by the overall effects, use your fav dark hue on your cabinets and lighten up the atmosphere with some accents in vivid, contrasting hues and a neutral color on the walls;
  • Storage cabinets that run up to the ceiling – massive cabinets that cover the entire wall are great, trendy solutions to hide appliances and dishes, what’s more, they can double as a well-stocked pantry as well;
  • Open shelves replacing cabinets – while tall, solid cabinets are certainly trendy, so are airy, open shelves that showcase your most beautiful dishes, utensils and appliances;
  • The use of natural wood or of materials that replicate the appearance of natural wood – oak is especially trendy these days. Fortunately, there are lots of great, durable and attractive synthetic materials that offer similar great looks without the high costs of wooden cabinets;
  • Transitional styles – the combination of traditional designs with modern styling is a great way to create a unique kitchen.

Find what you are looking for at building supplies Denver kitchen design discount retailers.

Modern Granite Countertop Grains for Your Home

Granite owes its top position on the list of the most popular countertop materials not only to its durability and low maintenance needs, but also to its beauty and the wide range of grains available – white, beige, red, black, gray, brown and blue are all hues that can appear not only as background colors, but also in the grains, veins and speckles that make each slab of granite unique. Here are some tips about how to choose the best granite grain from affordable building supplies Denver showrooms for your home:

  • Avoid gold grains and sensitive colors in heavy-duty areas – the color and the grain that you choose for your kitchen counter must be able to withstand the spots and spills that are inevitable if the counter is used day in, day out. Darker colors and gray, with thin, lighter graining works best for the purpose;
  • Choose colors that work well with the color and style of the other furnishing items in the space – if you need a slab for your vanity countertop, choose one that features graining that matches your cabinets. If your slab will go into the kitchen, you can choose a darker slab with grains in the color of your kitchen cabinet doors.

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How to Jazz Up Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

While sometimes an entire remodeling of a room or area of the house is necessary, there is the possibility of bringing new life into the room just by changing a few objects. Here, we can address how to accomplish this with a kitchen. The predominant feature of most kitchens is their cabinets. They occupy a lot of space that is needed for storage. Buying and changing them with new ones can get very expensive, and so, an alternative would be doing a few modifications to the current ones.

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Old cabinets a present a lot of deterioration on their surface and the door could have suffered a bit of damage due to their constant usage. By adding a new colored veneer on the surface or simply replacing the cabinet doors themselves can result in a drastic and fresh new look. One other popular method to change the kitchen ambiance is simply repainting the cabinet surface with brighter colors. After refreshing the surface, replacing the knobs and pulls with new ones is another simple way to give the cabinets a new and better look than before. You can look at reasonably priced building supplies Denver retailers for cabinetry pulls and knobs.

Other hardware that can deteriorate over time or the drawer slides due to friction and replacing them will give the cabinets a “new” feel and improve their functionality. Also, adding some sort of lubricant on areas where there is wood to wood contact is a good idea. If possible, adding some LED’s inside can give those old cabinets a modern aesthetic.

Lastly, many people like their kitchen cabinets, but over time, a lot of grime and grit has accumulated on the surfaces, making them look old and deteriorated. Giving them a good cleaning with some straight mineral spirits can help remove the buildup. After that, finishing the entire process with some wax or wood varnish can make them look as new as the time they were acquired.

Tips for Deciding on the Perfect Vanity Shape

The vanity in your bathroom is among the most important components, so it should be chosen very carefully, paying attention not only to the size, the color and the shelf or drawer configuration, but to the shape as well.

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Search bathroom building supplies Denver discount stores for select inventories and special pricing. Here are some tips about how to choose the perfect shape:

  • Consider the size of the room – comfortable traffic and usage are two very important aspects when you choose the shape of your vanity. Rectangular vanities are the easiest to fit and if you choose a model that does not extend more than the sink, they don’t take up much of your bathroom shape;
  • Special shapes for special sinks – if the best place for the sink is in the corner, don’t worry about the vanity, there are great, very attractive, corner-shaped vanities. If you have a large bathroom to furnish, such as your master bathroom, you can choose a large, L-shaped vanity that runs along two walls – the solution is great for double sinks, but the space created with the vanity is very useful in any bathroom. Curved vanities can also work well in your bathroom – depending on the overall style of your bathroom, you can choose sleek, modern, minimalist styles or antique replications.

What Kind of Cabinets to Choose for Your Bathroom

Choosing cabinets for your bathroom is probably not the most spectacular operation in the remodeling process, but it is important, considering that a bathroom cabinet can change the aspect of the entire room.

Take quality into account

If you choose a poor quality bathroom cabinet, with dimensions that do not fit your needs, and made from materials that are not designed to resist in humid conditions, you are very likely to use it only for a short time and being forced to replace it soon enough.


Functional bathroom furniture can either be placed on the ground or suspended on the walls, for better space-efficiency, and may vary in size.

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Fortunately, specialized building supplies Denver stores offer a wide variety of products that have different prices, so you will definitely find a solution even if you do not have too much money to spend.

Available space

Bathroom cabinets need to fit in your space, but without occupying the entire room and make you feel uncomfortable.


Another criterion that you need to consider before choosing your bathroom cabinet is the style you want to create, or the style of other existing bathroom accessories. There are many possibilities when you create a style for your bathroom according to needs and preferences. You can choose a contemporary, retro or even zen design.