Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

A bit of imagination and skill is often enough to give a new look to your kitchen and bathroom. There is no need for expensive investments, especially since not everyone can afford them.

A new look for your kitchen

Your kitchen can look new, even without giving up your old cabinets. Some fresh paint in a unique color combination can radically change the aspect of the room. In addition, you can also use decorative profiles or foils on the cabinet door and new opening accessories.

Other cheap and easy-to-do things you can do about changing the aspect of your kitchen include adding a fresh layer of paint on the walls and replacing the countertop.

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A new look for your bathroom

In the bathroom, the old tiles must not necessarily be replaced if you are on a budget. You can simply cover them with decorative panels that imitate wood, stone, brick, or even ceramic tiles. Such work is relatively easy to perform by an artisan. It takes little time and costs less than it costs to replace the existing tiles.

As in the case of the kitchen, stickers and paints are a very convenient way to restore the aspect of your old bathroom cabinets and vanities. In fact, it can be quite a relaxing activity!

Last but not least, instead of expensive decorations in the bathroom and kitchen, you can use decorative objects made with your hands.

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How to Plan a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project

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When planning to remodel your kitchen and/or bathroom, there are a lot of things you have to consider from the very start. Failing to do so could lead you to decisions that can’t be taken back, so you might end up losing money trying to redo a project that resulted from a flawed plan.

The first thing to think about is how much of your home you want to change and what it will cost you. Budgeting issues may be problematic if you have a lower income, so you might have to account for that before hiring a contractor or buying new materials and appliances.

Think of what you need to restructure first. Does your wiring need to be replaced, or your plumbing repaired? Maybe you want to set up tiles or repaint your kitchen. All of this should be considered before doing things like choosing the design of your new kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Also consider how airy or cozy you want your interior spaces to be. Some homeowners prefer a bathroom that has more space and a more modern feel to it. Others would prefer something with wooden accents, a cozier and warmer feel, and a greater number of decorations, bathroom vanities, shelves and other installations.

All these details need to be accounted for as you talk to your contractors about your new remodeling project. The best experts at Buy and Build Kitchen and Bath ( will be able to advise you on all of these issues and help you get the most value out of your remodel.

What Is the Difference Between Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets?

In case you are about to change the furniture in your bathroom, it is important to understand the difference between bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets, for instance. In short, all the bathroom cabinets which have a sink on top of them are considered to be vanities, but not all vanities can be called cabinets.

A bathroom vanity can camouflage exposed plumbing, in order to make the bathroom look nice and tidy. In numerous cases, vanities have fewer storage spaces and are structured in such a way as not to take up too much space, yet hide pipes and other bathroom elements.

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As compared to kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets are a bit different. For example, they are shallower, and tend to be shorter.


At any rate, when designing your perfect bathroom vanity, Buy and Build Kitchen and Bath consultants say there are a few things to consider. For example, the size of the bathroom plays an important role. If your bathroom is smaller, you can use a vanity with lower profile, which can render the impression of more space. In this case, wall-mounted or floating vanities may be a great solution.

The amount of time which will be spent in the bathroom can also dictate the type of cabinets that you will need.

How a Denver Wholesale Company Can Help You Get Materials for Your Remodeling Project

If you have chosen to deal with a remodeling project on your own, besides the fact that your clothes will almost always be decked in paint and dust, know that there are other more consequential challenges ahead of you. One of them is the high price of the materials you need, if you simply purchase them from easily accessible stores.

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There is an alternative that will cut some costs: buy construction materials from a Denver wholesale company. Here are some advantages of remodeling with discounted wholesaler Buy and Build Kitchen and Bath :

  • You benefit from the smallest commercial prices, because they do not include extra costs for rent, handling, packaging, and storing products on the shelves or in the warehouse, etc.
  • The product can be delivered from the factory directly to the work site.
  • It is not always necessary to buy in bulk; many wholesalers accept smaller orders as well.
  • You will be able to choose from a wide range of products, because product diversity is specific to wholesalers.
  • Also, if you want to start renovating or building, you can benefit from consulting services to help you choose the best products.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Solutions – The Advantages of Granite Countertops

In case you are thinking about ways to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops, granite countertops may be a very good option. Granite is one of the oldest building materials, which has been used since antiquity.
The presidents on Mount Rushmore, an emblematic sculpture for the USA, are made of granite. This is a clear proof of the durability and sturdiness of this type of material.
Formica was used as material for countertops, back in the old days. But this material can often melt, crack or get stained. In this respect, granite is one of the most heat-resistant types of materials you can find on the market. Nevertheless, it is more advisable not to place excessively hot items on your granite countertops, because, in time, this can lead to cracks.
Granite is also highly resistant to scratching. So it is best not to use it as a cutting surface, as it can actually dull your knives.
At the same time, granite does not get stained. It is a hardy material with very small pores, which make it difficult for any substances to penetrate. To reduce chances of staining even more, you may consider sealing the granite surface. Granite does not retain bacteria either.

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