Is Kitchen and Bath Remodeling More Difficult Than a Basement Remodel?

We all love our homes, but a few strategic steps are essential. Kitchen and bath remodeling are both very important ways in which you can boost the overall appearance of your house. But the question is, are they more difficult to deal with than basement remodels?

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The very first thing to take into consideration is that of the available budget. After that, the resale value is also extremely important. In this respect, it is important to note that complex projects will allow you to recoup some major costs. Also, it would be good to specify that kitchen remodeling is more advisable for those who are interested in recuperating the investment costs in the most effective way.


Kitchen should definitely be on top of your list, as kitchen remodeling can help you recoup no less than 70% of the money you invested in such a project. But there were cases in which homeowners managed to recoup even more than that.

The bathroom is the second most used area in a house, after the kitchen. Therefore, it would be very useful to invest in a nice design for it. And the basement is one of the least used areas in a home; yet remodeling it is more affordable.


For more detailed information on remodeling, talk to the design specialists at Buy and Build Kitchen and Bath, They will help you decide what will work best for your home and budget.


How to Get the Best Granite Countertop

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Granite countertops are not always that different from each other if you just look at the material itself. It’s true that some providers offer robust countertops that are made from higher quality granite, but the difference between their offers and the most conventional, low price countertops on the market has to be considered through a wider lens.

One of the main criteria to take into account is appearance and color. You have to make sure the countertop you want to buy matches your kitchen’s overall appearance and design. If you want to remodel your kitchen and throw out all your old furniture, consider how the color of your new granite countertops will look against the palette of your kitchen walls and the design of the counters and cabinets themselves.

An important consideration for getting granite countertops that are of good enough quality is to locate the most trusted granite countertops Denver providers. Don’t be fooled by the idea that cheaper is better, since you could end up with a poor quality countertop that will be easily damaged within the first year of use. Instead, consider choosing a provider like Buy and Build that is highly ranked and reputable for having some of the best products on the market, and for being transparent and friendly enough to provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

What Building Materials Are Needed to Add a New Room to Your Home

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A home expansion project involves obtaining a more generous useful space to better serve the needs of a family. This is possible by making changes to the original building, for example by adding a new room. For this, you will need building materials and suppliers.

Extending the house horizontally

This method is a simpler and more economical solution to get extra space. The structure of the house will not be affected, as no extra weight will be added on the foundation. More precisely, the works that will have to be executed involve the extension of the foundation and the erection of new walls and resistance structures.

Vertical extension of the house

This type of project is preferred by many due to the provided space efficiency, although it involves much more complex works.

However, you need to make sure that you can actually build a vertical extension. The foundation and the resistance structure of the house must be solid, in order to be able to support the addition of a new room upstairs. In the case of an older house, most likely, you will need to carry out consolidation works and create a new structure, made of reinforced concrete.

Materials you may need, depending on what you want to do, include:

  • Foundation materials
  • Floor, wall & roof sheathing
  • Framing materials
  • Fasteners
  • Interior and exterior finishing materials
  • Plumbing materials and fixtures
  • Materials for the electrical system
  • Windows and doors
  • Roofing and gutters.

Before starting a renovation project, always rely on the expertise and knowledge of experienced building contractors and quality building materials from Buy and Build –

Why Discount Cabinets Are Worth Considering

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Durability, design, functionality and costs are the most important features that homeowners take into consideration when picking the cabinets for their home. Fortunately, affordable pricing no longer means inferior quality – here is why discount cabinets from Buy and Build are worth your attention:

  • Easy assembly – many discount cabinets are ready-to-assemble (RTA) units that are easy to install even without previous experience and special tools, therefore with these pieces, you can further reduce the costs related to your kitchen remodeling project by eliminating installation fees;
  • Varied design – discount cabinets are available in a wide range of styles, colors and textures, allowing you to get the units that match your tastes and the overall style of your kitchen. Discount cabinets offer you lots of options in terms of the accessories, such as the design of the knobs and handles as well;
  • Exactly the size you want – discount cabinets are varied in terms of sizing as well, which means that you can get exactly the size that you need, without requiring you to adjust the size before the assembly;
  • Available online – you don’t have to go to the store to buy your discount kitchen cabinets – there are many sellers that ship the cabinets you order right to your doorstep.

How to Create the Right Color Palette for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Creating a color palette for your kitchen involves a delicate process. Even though you might assume that the palette should basically contain colors you like, it’s not necessarily as simple as that. When you paint your kitchen and buy new kitchen furniture, you have to think about how others might perceive it as well, especially if you plan to sell your house later on.

A good color palette will contain colors that complement each other. For instance, if you choose pastels, it might not go over too well to mix them with high contrast colors and shades that will present a striking and obstructive appearance in relation to the pastel choices.

High contrast black, white and gray goes well together with shades of light red, yellow and orange, or you could mix them with lighter versions of cool colors such as teal, sea foam green or lavender – all of which can get pretty close to white.

Another good palette to choose includes wood accents and mixing orange, red and gold. This approach is especially good if you want a cozy, tranquil or classical design that invokes traditional furniture and countertops, while still blending in pretty well with the modern appliances that you have at hand.

See what Buy and Build showroom designers have to say about the best materials and colors for your kitchen remodel.

Deciding on the Best Countertop Grain for Your Bathroom

To give the bathroom a unique style, many people choose to go with wood countertops. These countertops come to wit a variety of different grains. Some examples include edge grain, face grain, long grain or island top. Each of these countertop grains is made using different methods. Edge grain is made by cutting strips from wider boards and face grain countertops are made by making use of the width of the board which is then joined together.

When it comes to bathroom countertops, different wood finishes are applied to enhance the wood grain so that they are waterproof. Wood, as a material, can add to the overall beauty of any room. Choosing the right wood grain for the bathroom does not have to be that difficult.

One has to know which type is more resistant and for what exactly is being used. For example, edge grain is not as hard as end grain and it is more susceptible to dents. End grain is usually referred to as butcher’s block, where the wood boards are oriented upwards. Because they are thicker than the other grains, they are less likely to warp over time. Face grain is the most decorative of theme as all the wood planks are placed so that they wide surface area facing upwards.

wooden countertops in a bathroom

Deciding on what type of grain for your bathroom is more of an aesthetic decision as their durability will largely depend on the way they are maintained. The wood countertops will require the constant re-applying of a protective treatment such as mineral oil. With a bit of maintenance, the countertops will surely survive for many years.

For a wood countertop to survive the moisture in the bathroom a more permanent type of finish is used, one that does not need reapplying. Waterlox is a type of finish that penetrates the wood which gives it adequate protection against moisture which will make the wooden countertop more resistant in a bathroom environment.

For more information regarding wood countertops, take a look at

Tips for Making Your Kitchen Remodel Cohesive

Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home or you use it only occasionally, cohesive design is essential for any place that feels good to spend time in. Here are some tips from Buy and Build professionals about how to achieve a cohesive look in the room:

  • Use a color scheme – the shades and hues that you use in your kitchen will determine the overall atmosphere in the space and will also have an impact on usability (some colors are more sensitive to staining than others). The best way to achieve the right color balance is to pick three colors, out of which two should be simple, preferably neutral or natural colors and one should be stronger, to add personality to your accents;
  • A consistent style – the hardware in your kitchen, such as the cabinet knobs, the faucets and the lighting fixtures, should be chosen to be matching in style. When thinking of matching styles, you can match contrasting styles, such as an elaborate chandelier with contemporary hardware or you can use the same style across all your hardware;
  • Choose the countertop before choosing the color for the walls – repainting walls is easier and cheaper than getting a new countertop, so make sure to match the wall color to the countertop and not the other way around.

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Remodeling Projects to Finish for Mother’s Day

Buy and Build wishes you a happy mothers day!

Spring is the best time to talk about remodeling, as changes bring … changes, right? Until Mother’s Day, which is about to come in May, you should make your spring clean and rearrange your house to meet and greet the warm season.

Intimacy, tranquility and comfort

Perhaps the biggest change in home design trends with the coming of spring is … the lack of significant change. The season of nature’s renaissance is dominated by interior designs that promote privacy, tranquility and comfort. Personal styles favoring the creation of an intimate space govern home design trends this spring.

Warm and welcoming

Choose lush and soft textiles, not necessarily the most trendy or super cool materials; it is enough for them to provide you the feeling of safety and well-being! Eclectic decorations can also be an option. Try to combine different items from different time periods, souvenirs and similar things. Suitable color palettes are the “quiet” ones, such as white, gray, cream, deep blue or combinations of these.

But if you prefer interior design that proves originality and imagination, choose fabrics inspired by rocks and minerals in abstract forms, avant-garde or even surrealistic materials.

By looking for the right accessories, you may also find the right gift to offer on Mother’s Day.

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Kitchen Renovation Checklist

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Kitchen renovation is a complex process and there are a few operations that you should put on your checklist.

Replace the water pipes

Especially if you are not sure how old the current water pipes are, replacing them with new ones made from more resistant materials is a very good idea that will keep problems away, for a very long time.

Replace old windows

Make sure the new windows provide as much natural light as possible, as well as adequate ventilation, which is particularly necessary in the kitchen.

Change the lighting

You may say that this is not a priority, but you would be wrong. Replacing bulbs with economical versions and changing the lighting fixtures according to the new design you plan for your kitchen is an aspect that really makes a difference. You will improve the energy efficiency, and the new light will help you have a different perspective on your kitchen.

Modify the electrical installation, in order to put the wall sockets where you need them. In the kitchen we have the most electric appliances that must stay plugged in: refrigerator, electric oven, microwave, hob, stove and dish washing machine. We also need sockets near the countertop, to connect mixers, espresso machines, blenders etc.

Tiles for walls, floors and splash backs

When you buy the renovation materials, do not compromise. Try to determine the best quality / price ratio so that you and your family can enjoy the new kitchen for as long as possible. Start the budgeting process and look here first.

Watch out who you work with!

When choosing craftsmen to help you renovating the kitchen, make sure they are licensed, insured and reliable. Take time to evaluate several contractors and make an informed choice.