Why Choose Granite over Quartz?

One of the most important elements in a modern kitchen is the countertop. Its choice is based on three criteria: appearance, durability and price. Naturally, each homeowner wishes to choose the best option, made of the best material available on the market, to guarantee that the chosen countertop will keep its appearance, texture and shape for as long as possible.

Granite and quartz are currently the most popular specialty Denver countertops and here are their advantages.

Granite countertops

  • Unique look

Being a natural material, there are no two pieces of granite that look the same, which means that each countertop will be unique

  • The great variety of colors
  • Resistance and durability
  • Impermeability

Another important aspect is resistance to water and staining, qualities that the granite countertops have, as long as they are covered with a special lacquer.

beautiful natural stone island countertop

Quartz countertops

  • Great resistance to mechanical shocks and durability
  • Impeccable surface

The method of manufacturing quartz countertops (by casting) ensures that surfaces are perfectly smooth, with no pores or imperfections, which confers antibacterial properties

  • Variety of colors and finishes

Although both materials are obviously great, some people still prefer granite to quartz. First, quartz countertops are more expensive.  Also, some people claim that a countertop made of this material does not resist as well as a granite countertop, in contact with very hot objects, requiring extra-protection of the surface.

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking about changing the aspect of your kitchen, the first thing you need to figure out is how you want your kitchen to look and function, so that you can be completely happy with the result. You need to know these details no matter if you simply replace old cabinets or have made a plan to redecorate from scratch.

What do you dislike about your current cabinets?

Determining the weaknesses of your current cabinets is the best thing to start with, if you want to avoid them when buying new ones. You may have too little space and the current cabinets are too large and you can access to only one third of them, or maybe the existing cabinets simply do not fit your style. Regardless the reason, the more clearly you know what you want to change, the better your new choice will be.

interior sketch of modern kitchen

The purpose of redecorating

There are some aspects to consider when you buy new kitchen cabinets: the budget, the appliances, the uniqueness and the style that you plan to adopt, as well as the quality of the materials. Do you want to keep the current kitchen style or try another? Are you interested in contacting professional Denver countertops and cabinet design specialists for quality advice?

Eco preferences

Finally yet importantly, if you want to keep up with the eco-friendly trend, know that you are also increasing your options when it comes to choosing furniture, including kitchen cabinets. Bamboo and recycled materials are on the rise, as demand grows.

Popular Trends in Granite Countertops: Light vs. Dark – Choose the Perfect Shade

luxery kitchen with beautiful granite

Known for its impressive aesthetics, but also for its excellent durability, granite is one of the most popular and trendy materials used by construction supply Denver kitchen wholesalers. Besides the many other advantages that a granite countertop provides, the popularity of this natural stone material also resides in the wide range of colors available to help you customize your kitchen style more easily, according to the colors of your furniture or floor.

The current trends show a particular preoccupation to match the granite countertop with the rest of the kitchen, but the many colors and shades available make this process rather difficult.

Any color can match a particular type of kitchen, depending on the style and the other existing elements (walls, floors, furniture…). When you are looking for the perfect color for your granite kitchen countertop, you must always consider at least two basic factors:

– The size of the kitchen – If you own a small kitchen, always opt for light colors, because the dark ones optically shrink the space

– Maintenance – Granite is generally very resistant to wear and tear, but it is not recommended to place hot objects directly on it, as they may form stains. If you want to eliminate this concern, you should choose a dark shade.