What Is the Process for Granite Countertop Installation

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Installing your own granite countertop might seem like a complicated and time-consuming project, but in fact it is a simple and straightforward project that even inexperienced DIY enthusiasts can accomplish successfully. Here are the steps:

  • Buy your slab – granite slabs are sold by local Denver countertops retailers and as well as online. A great way to make your work easier is to find a company that provides cutting services as well, that way you can have a slab with the openings for the faucets, the sink or any other features executed professionally. To get the right results, make sure that your measurements are accurate (pay special attention to the openings);
  • Get the tools – beside the right type of safety equipment consisting of work gloves and glasses, you will need a caulk gun, a level, a drilling tool, some screws, silicone, waterproofing paint, a circular saw and measuring tape. If you decide to buy an unfinished slab, you will also need polishing stone, a polishing compound and a sealant;
  • The installation process – prepare the cabinets for receiving the granite slab and reinforce them with a piece of plywood. Waterproof the plywood with a suitable coating product, then wait until the coating dries. Dry-fit the slab to see if it matches the plywood – if it doesn’t make the necessary adjustments, cutting the slab with the circular saw and smoothing the edges with a wet grinding wheel. When you are sure that everything fits, fix the granite slab into place, then lift it with some help and apply beads of silicone to glue the slab to the plywood.


What are the Most Durable Countertops?

In the kitchen, if you go for a stone countertop you get an elegant aspect, but also many practical benefits. Stone countertops are arguably some of the most durable, offering high resistance to bending, pressure, high temperatures and mechanical actions.

Here is why the following types of countertops are the best choices for kitchens:

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* Granite

Although it is expected to be gray or gray with uniform dots, granite can actually offer a wide variety of colors. It is the most durable stone recommended for kitchen Denver countertops.

* Slate

In polished form, slate has a sophisticated look, while enhancing the natural aspect in modern kitchens. Very resistant to acidity (lemon, vinegar or other acidic ingredients used in the kitchen), slate is very suitable for countertops and kitchen tables.


Due to its beauty and elegance, onyx is extremely popular where a sophisticated aspect is desired, ensuring an atmosphere of modernism and luxury. It is a carbonaceous mineral rock, with a smooth and slightly porous surface of a great durability.

* Travertine

Travertine has a very high hardness, being the third by granite and diamond, in the range of natural stones, therefore it has a high resistance to mechanical stress, compression and wear.

What is a Waterfall Countertop?

An ever-growing trend in terms of contemporary design style, waterfall Denver countertops are the type of counter for which the edges do not end abruptly, but rather they descend vertically down to the floor, creating a spectacular waterfall effect for your kitchen or bathroom.

The kitchen thus gains a fluid, charming appearance. The key element for this type of countertop is to make the transition from the upper, working countertop, to the two sides, both subtle and elegant. Therefore, it is preferable to use the exact type of material and texture all around the waterfall countertop.

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Waterfall edge Denver countertops can give any kitchen a sophisticated, glamorous look. In fact, it becomes the kitchen’s central point of interest as soon as it is installed. They can also look great in the bathroom, making your personal space more appealing and elegant.

They can be built out of several types of material, including stone, marble, quartz or wood. They can create a dramatic look, depending on the design, color and chosen material. Regardless of one’s preferences, waterfall countertops still stay on top of kitchen trends. They can turn kitchens into a more welcoming, chic place to have meals or spend more time with friends and family.

Why You Should Use Discount Countertops for Your Home Remodel

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The three most popular Denver countertops materials are concrete, granite and marble, all of them attractive and durable, but quite expensive and probably out of reach for any remodeling project on a tight budget. However, today there are lots of great, discount Denver countertops available, pieces that look just as great and high-end natural materials and that will save you well for just as long, but don’t require you to pay a fortune for them. Here are some options:

  • Laminate material – made from thin sheets of medium-density fiberboard glued together, laminate countertops can replicate any natural material and they offer extraordinary durability and resistance to wear and tear for very affordable price tags;
  • Ceramic tiles – this attractive and affordable solution allows to mix and match styles, colors and styles to really own your countertop design;
  • Epoxy raisin – this modern material is hard as diamond and resists to the heaviest wear and tear. You can add stains to it before it is poured on the countertop, so your epoxy countertop will be easy to integrate into your kitchen design;
  • Modular, engineered stone – these countertops are made from pieces of engineered stone that are smaller than slabs, but larger than tiles. The pieces are easy to handle and to install, making it a great, low-cost option for DIYers.

How To Celebrate Your Finished Kitchen Remodel

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A finished kitchen remodel deserves celebration – by now, you and your household have probably endured weeks, maybe even more, of discomfort and you probably are looking for a way to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. The best way to enjoy your new kitchen and beautiful Denver countertops, is to prepare an unforgettably delicious meal in it, but if you are looking for more tips about how to do it, here are some tips for you:

  • Throw a party – invite your friends and family to celebrate the end of a long and difficult period. Plan the meal in time, buy all the ingredients, then decide whether it is better to involve your guests into the process of food preparation, making the celebration a day-long event or you prefer preparing the food on your own, serving your guests the meal that is your specialty;
  • Have a romantic dinner with your significant other – prepare a special meal for a romantic evening, dress up for the occasion and lay a festive table to celebrate the finished remodel project;
  • Take a bubble bath – there are very few things in the world that are more relaxing after a period of hard and strenuous work than a long, hot bath.

How to Choose the Perfect Grain for Your Granite Countertop

Before you choose a granite countertop, it’s important to learn more about the types of granite you can consider and why you need to consider specific types of grains.

Granite is an igneous rock formation that is created slowly over the time it takes for the magma below the Earth to crystallize. In many cases, granite features multiple types of minerals and stones, including quartz, feldspar, mica and others. The main distinctive feature that makes granite such a great material for kitchen countertops, however, is the fact that these grains are visible to the naked eye, offering granite a unique and oftentimes artistic look that you’ll definitely want to consider as part of your kitchen design.

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Choosing the perfect grain for kitchen Denver countertops requires extensive research. You have to consider the types of minerals and materials present in granite as well as their colors and distinctive patterns and how well they go together.

Also, it’s important to consider whether you’re looking for a coarser pattern or fine-grained granite that can fit in better with a softer kitchen interior. There is no limit to the creative possibilities that both these options have to offer, and you’ll find that your local contractors will have a lot of options to recommend as well.

Why Summer is a Great Time for Your Kitchen Renovation

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If your kitchen is outdated and you already think about a renovation project, there are several good reasons to do it during the summer.

First, the warm season is typically full of energy and this makes it a great time to make plans and do the shopping. The days are longer and the natural sunlight actually matters a lot, because it makes you less prone to make mistakes when you choose cabinetry and work on creating the best matches with types of Denver countertops. Besides, longer daylight keeps you and your workers more motivated.

Summer is the season when you can work with the windows wide open and which makes the clean-up process significantly easier. Also, you will not have to worry about rushing to finish the kitchen renovation project in time for any major holiday.

Summer is also the season of vacation, so… why not consider hiring a contractor and go on vacation, resting assured that the work will be completed in your absence and you will not have to experience the discomfort created by a renovation project.

Last but not least, summer is the perfect time to prepare your meals outdoors. Your kitchen is unusable during the renovation project? No worries… Have a barbecue!

Tips for Designing a Modern Bathroom

The trend, when it comes to interior design, is the modern style: straight lines, clear shapes, airy spaces. Designing a modern bathroom is not the same as modernizing the bathroom (i.e. replacing obsolete pieces of furniture and sanitary items with new ones).

If you want a modern bathroom, you need to bring it to the current standards in terms of style and functionality. You must re-consider its overall aspect, opting for simplicity, light, clear lines, shapes and geometric patterns, neutral color palettes and a style complementary to all these details.

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Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles represent an important aspect in creating a modern bathroom design. A glossy finish, a delicate, even, neutral color pattern can all be considered. Modern style is mostly about materials, and thanks to specialized suppliers, today you can find the highest quality ceramic tiles, exclusive products with great designs to match your custom Denver countertops.

Sanitary items

A modern bathroom has straight lines, simple and clean geometric forms, and sanitary items must fit the same idea. Always keep in mind the practical aspect of cleanliness and choose sanitary items with a design able to complement the overall style of the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture

The furniture for modern bathrooms has simple, geometric shapes. Cabinets are essential because the surfaces must be clean and free of objects (apart from those with a decorative role).