Popular Granite Countertop Colors for 2020

Denver granite countertops

Granite is one of the best choices when it comes to kitchen countertops – the slabs of natural stone are durable and attractive, wonderful assets to have in any kitchen. If you are currently looking for a new granite countertop and you want to find out about the latest color trends, here are some tips from Denver granite countertops sales people:

  • White or off-white with flecks or stripes – the dominant light color will add a spot of freshness to any kitchen, while the flecks or stripes chosen to harmonize with the colors used on other components in your kitchen, such as on your cabinet doors, will bring together the look of the entire kitchen;
  • Brown – warm tones create cozy designs, so choosing a granite slab in a chocolaty tone will add harmony to your kitchen space design;
  • Black or charcoal – these strong, dark colors work great in modern settings that feature similar hues on the floor or on the cabinet doors. Dark slabs also work great in colorful settings – a black or charcoal counter is all you need for pulling the entire look together in your kitchen;
  • Grey – this soft tone is a classic that will never go out of fashion and is suitable for complementing any kitchen design.

What are Honed Granite Countertops?

Countertops made of natural stones are important elements in the design of a kitchen. The textures and chromatics of natural stones provide authenticity. A granite kitchen countertop can easily become a central element.

Denver granite countertops

Granite countertops are the most competitive variant in price compared to quartz or composite countertops. Also, granite can be easily matched with other elements such as flooring, wall cladding, window sills etc. Depending on your preferences, granite countertop finishing can be done in different types of profiles, polished or honed. Visit a Denver granite countertops fabrication expert to see the differences.

Honed granite countertops typically have a matte surface or low sheen. The surface is velvety smooth, even if it lacks the particular shine specific to a polished finish. Honed granite is obtained by leaving the stone with its matte look, instead of polishing it. It looks very beautiful and more authentic to many people and has a high durability if it is properly maintained. Maintenance is not difficult, but it is necessary to prevent stains. A honed granite countertop may be scratched more easily than a polished countertop, but its non-reflective finish hides imperfections much better than polished granite.

Another aspect to be taken into account is that a honed granite countertop is typically more expensive than a polished granite countertop, and this is simply because it looks less common.

Countertop Edge Style Options

Edge styles span from general, standard looks to more specialized ones, with often very interesting names.

The standard style options may include:

  • Flat polish –classical and very common in contemporary design;
  • Bevel– includes a subtle, 45 degree angle, making the rounded edge a bit more interesting and eye-capturing;
  • Full bullnose – a rounded style that can make the edge to look a bit thinner;
  • Half bullnose – the rounded edge is cut in half, giving the countertop edge a thicker appearance;
  • Quarter round –a ¼ round edge, giving your countertop a more subtle, elegant tone;

Denver granite countertops

And among the specialized Denver granite countertops edge design options we could mention:

  • Double quarter round –has two ¼ round edges, resembling half of a rounded pencil;
  • Double bevel –it catches light on both bevel sides, adding more charm to your kitchen;
  • Ogee – has a concave radius and its name derived from the fact that when people saw this edge style and asked for prices, their typical answer was “O, Gee!”; it is perfect for the traditional kitchen;
  • Double ogee – has two radiuses and even more appeal;
  • Dupont – also called “inverted Ogee”, it has a convex radius and looks good in classic design kitchens.


Solid Surface Countertop Trends

Denver granite countertops

Solid surface countertops have been en vogue for decades and they seem to be here to stay, too. One affordable option is the man-made material composed of a combination of ATH (alumina trihydrate), epoxy or other, similar polyester resins and pigments and it is the go-to choice for those looking for a durable, attractive, mid-priced countertop solution. The material offers lots of benefits (it is easy to repair, its non-porous surface keeps bacteria away and it offers a homogenous appearance) and it comes in a very wide variety of color combinations and grains. Marble and granite countertop options are more expensive, but long lasting, and easy to care for.  Here are the most recent trends that you should consider when you look at solid surface options:

  • Finish options – solid surface comes with many finish options, including matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Dark-colored surfaces are usually polished to a high-gloss or semi-gloss, but a matte or rough finish can give your kitchen the rugged and rustic look that is so trendy today;
  • Bold color choices – shades of grey and brown are still common, but solid surface materials are today available in trendy bold colors, such as reds and blues for those who want to use their countertop to make a style and design statement and who want to transform their counter into a central island that confers a cheerful, youthful appearance to the entire space.

Look for trend setting Denver granite countertops options at local Buy and Build retailers.


Tips for Saving Money on Building Materials for Kitchen Upgrades

With the proper knowledge, saving money on building supplies is possible for everyone, especially when looking for the right materials for upgrading an existing room, such as a kitchen. Home renovations will add a new atmosphere and doing it the right way will bring new life into your home.

Denver granite countertops

Tip #1 Picking the Right Store for Necessary Materials

A first approach that many consider when looking for materials is not to look for all of them in the same store. Many self-taught builders look for the required materials in a variety of different stores and purchase them from the one that offers the most discounts. While this may seem like a logical practice, it has been demonstrated by an investigation done by Estimators LTD, which provide detailed material estimates and show a realistic cost of building a project in the UK, that by cherry-picking materials in different stores, the difference in price would be just around 2%.

And so, when looking for materials for your kitchen, the best thing would be to pick one store, sticking with it, and not being afraid to ask for discounts. This may seem unlikely, however, stores, even bigger ones, may have had a surplus of that specific material which they just want to get rid of it.

Tip #2 Be Smart By Incorporating used Materials

When saying that they are used materials, this does not mean that their quality is not good, just the fact that they are a surplus of materials that were not necessary to a project. Recently, a law has been put into practice because of many useful materials being thrown in the garbage. The law ensures that many quality materials are being donated to resellers who raise money for different groups, such as Habitat for Humanity.

As a homeowner, a lot of these used materials can be acquired which of course will have a lower price. There is a home builder who does not recommend using these materials because of insurance issues. This may be true when constructing an entire house. However, because this is about renovating/upgrading, using these materials will most likely be risk-free and can surely save up a lot of money in the long run.

You can find leading brand Denver granite countertops and cabinetry at discount building supply area stores.

Tip #3 Be Creative With Kitchen Appliances and Decoration

While kitchen cabinets are elegant and solid, there are different cheap alternatives when purchasing and building the necessary kitchen utensils. Instead of cabinets, consider shelves which put all of the different utensils on display. Also, don’t be ashamed to look for used furnishings for your kitchen. Getting some second-hand kitchen cabinet can be repaired and re-painted and give the kitchen a certain sleek look. As for decorations, one can go back to a traditional way of decorating, like putting some plates on the wall as decor. Also, a cost-saving method of giving your kitchen a new look is by recoloring many of the stainless steel appliances using vinyl.

Trends in Bathroom Remodels

incorporate beautiful Denver granite countertops into bathroom remodeling design

Bathroom remodeling is a project that requires both time and financial resources. It is therefore very important to start it by making a detailed plan. It will be much easier for you to get it right if you know exactly what you want and also if you know the current trends.


This material will continue to be used this year in the bathroom decoration. It provides a beautiful, natural aspect that matches perfectly the eco-friendly trends. Solid wood or parquet flooring helps the room to look warmer and more welcoming. Wood can also be used to cover a wall and create a beautiful visual effect, or as the material in bathroom furniture.

Cold tones

Used strategically, cold shades create a quiet and relaxing environment in the bathroom. Blue and emerald green are two of the colors you really need to consider, highlighted by white or metallic accents, for more sophisticated design.


Beautiful Denver granite countertops are found in a variety of colors, design, and movement. Designers can match your cabinetry with the best countertop design.


Using metal for interior decoration has been on the rise in recent years and it seems that this trend will not disappear. Metal surfaces and accents provide a beautiful contrast with natural materials and will make your bathroom glow.

Hexagonal tiles

They seem to be very fashionable these days. The hexagonal shape allows for matching different textures and shades without visually loading the room. Hexagonal ceramic tiles fit perfectly on both the walls and the floor, and can be used to create different styles or highlight different areas.


Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Spring Remodel

Denver home remodeling

With warm weather settling in reliably, many homeowners start to prepare for spring remodeling projects. Like any building-related project, remodels also need planning and preparation – here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Remove valuables and fragile items and move them to safety – if your remodeling project involves work done inside, start the preparations by emptying the rooms you will be working on and making sure they are all stored safely, away from any vibrations, in a place where they cannot fall or get damaged. If you will be remodeling your outdoor space, do the same with your outdoor furniture and make sure your plants are also protected;
  • Protect floors and other high-traffic areas with foil;
  • Include the unexpected into your schedule as well as into your budget – updating your kitchen and replacing Denver granite countertops most likely will go according to plan, but be prepared that you may need more materials and more time than initially scheduled;
  • Prepare the other members of your household – any remodel project involves work done with power tools that rotate at high speed or work that generates falling debris. While adults can assess such situations and stay away from danger zones when they need to, children and pets might run around in places where they shouldn’t, increasing the risk of accidents. Try to make arrangements to contain your pets for the entire duration of the project and it is recommended to move young children to the grandparents or to friends while the remodel is going on to ensure their safety.

Tips for Staying Eco-friendly During Your Home Remodel

An eco home remodeling process can be quite expensive. To ensure you explore all the eco options and get the best results for your investment, consider hiring a professional designer or consultant who has experience in eco-friendly renovation.

You want someone familiar with the concept of green house and efficient with your budget. If you plan to stay eco-friendly during your home remodel, go all the way with professional contractors for each part of the process, so that you do not lose any opportunity to go green.

remnant Denver granite countertop

Another important aspect is the disposal of the waste resulting from the home remodeling process. Shortly, you must reduce, reuse and recycle. These are the keywords of an eco-friendly attitude.

  • Learn more about recycling options. Renovators should be able to advise you about local waste recycling options.
  • Save what you can. Before destroying any materials, see if you can find a business or a person willing to buy them. These materials can be reused and, actually, you might also consider purchasing used products, or remnant Denver granite countertops for your eco remodeling project.
  • Do not demolish. Most of the building materials can be recycled even if they seem useless for you. So, “deconstruct” the house instead of demolish it and look for buyers or donate the resulted materials.