Is There Any Downside Of Granite Countertops That You Should Know About?

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Granite countertops can look truly great in kitchens and bathrooms. They have many other great advantages as well. First of all, it is a natural material with plenty of beauty and charm. There are over twenty shades of granite that you can work with. This way you can certainly find something to match the rest of your kitchen, namely its walls, cabinets and flooring.

Granite can be highly resistant to stains. It is also resistant to high temperatures, so that you can rest assured it does not get damaged in case you have cooking area in the proximity of granite countertops. You can place hot saucepans and pots on them.

Nevertheless, there are also a few disadvantages to them. They can be porous, which means that they need to be sealed in order to prevent them from absorbing liquids. Granite can also crack, so it is best to avoid dropping heavy objects on your countertop.

Because the typical slab has a large size, granite countertop installation Denver specialists confirm that your granite countertop will probably be installed with several slabs.

Despite these minor inconveniences, granite remains one of the most popular choices for homeowners to use for their kitchen countertops, and can certainly make any kitchen look nice and inviting.


Comparing Granite Countertops with Cheaper Materials

As you look for the best countertop designs on the market, you really can’t ignore the benefits of buying granite products. When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling, granite tops stand out as some of the most resilient products you can consider. They are durable, capable of withstanding a great deal of abuse, and highly appealing from an aesthetic standpoint as well.

granite countertop installation Denver

Even though granite is a tad more expensive than other materials, the price is well worth it. The most obvious point of comparison has to do with durability. Whereas a lot of other materials might be vulnerable in the face of fire, slashing or impact damage, respected granite countertop installation Denver contractors affirm that granite is pretty much impervious to all. Wood can be damaged by fire and water, and some types of stone and other materials can be quite brittle. However, when it comes to sheer resilience, you really can’t go wrong with a sturdy granite countertop.

Another benefit of granite is its unique and beautiful appearance. The natural appearance of a granite countertop takes the unique features of the stone it was cut from and runs with it. You really can’t find two granite countertops that are alike, which makes pretty much all of the ones you buy completely unique. What’s even better is that granite comes in a variety of color palettes that you can match to your current or desired kitchen design for better aesthetics.


How to Choose Your Granite Countertop

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When it comes down to choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen, a lot of things have to be taken into account. The design and appearance of the countertop will have to be set against the current appearance of your kitchen or the projected look that you might be going for, if you’re remodeling the entire kitchen. Here are a few of the main concerns you should keep in mind:

  • Consider the rest of your kitchen and what it looks like. What color is your set of kitchen cabinets? What do the walls and flooring look like? Do you have a high contrast palette, or is the whole kitchen painted in similar or complementary colors that don’t really stand out? These details will help you figure out what color to consider for your granite countertop so that it will complement the appearance of your kitchen.
  • How much money do you have at your disposal? Not all granite countertops are the same, so the prices will differ as well. You might have to consider establishing a budget in advance, taking into account the product and the granite countertop installation Denver labor costs as well.
  • Think about how many countertops you need and whether or not you have to install new counters and countertops as well. For a more comprehensive kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to at least ask for the advice of a professional kitchen remodeling expert as well.