Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Kitchen Remodel Any Longer

Is cooking becoming increasingly difficult because nothing seems to work in your kitchen? Do your improperly closing cabinet doors make getting items out and putting them back in a nightmare? Do you have flickering lights and tripping circuit breakers or dripping taps? These are all signs that you should not wait any longer to start a kitchen remodel. Here are some more arguments why should no postpone the remodel a minute:

  • You don’t need a lot of money to get started – you don’t need to demolish your entire kitchen, you can just as well start small, taking one step at a time. You can get new cabinet door hinges and refresh the cabinet door exteriors this weekend, then you can move on and replace some plumbing fixtures next weekend; Visit discount granite countertops Denver retailers and search for remnants that may fit your existing cabinetry.

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  • Making your kitchen a safe place – a kitchen with electrical and plumbing fixtures in less than perfect condition is a dangerous place. If your kitchen has such issues, it is essential to start remedying the problems immediately;
  • More comfort – kitchen remodeling is the best way to enhance the comfort of your kitchen and to make it the favorite room of everyone in your home and for your guests, too.

How to Prevent Cracks and Chips on Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are attractive, valuable and durable additions in any kitchen. There are not many things that can ruin granite – the slabs made from the natural stone variety that are properly sealed are resistant to heat, to scratching and they don’t absorb chemicals either. However, there is one thing that granite slabs are sensitive to and that is strong impact, but fortunately according to granite countertops Denver sales pros, that can be prevented – here is how:

  • Use coasters and runners – there are lots of attractive, fun runners and coasters available in any store, so just pick some that match your kitchen design – they will not only protect your granite countertop, but will also add fresh spots of color to the entire space;
  • Check the sealing and refresh it if necessary – the sealant on your slab plays a very important protective role. To maintain its efficiency, the sealing needs to be refreshed every couple of years, but it is a good idea to check it every couple of months and to reapply the treatment, even if the process is not due yet;
  • Don’t drop heavy objects from high up – the biggest danger that you can expose your granite countertop to is the impact caused by heavy pots or pans dropped from a height. We all know how easily things can slip out of the hands of even the best, most careful cook, but try to avoid such accidents as much as you can.

Great Sources of Kitchen Design Inspiration

Creating the design of your new kitchen is exciting and overwhelming at the same time – there are so many great and affordable materials to choose from, so many colors and textures to use that the process is surely daunting. Here are some sources of inspiration for you:

  • Home remodeling magazines – these attractive, printed materials are available everywhere and they have great articles not only about how to choose the right materials, textures and colors, but also about how to mix and match different styles for a unique and attractive kitchen;

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  • Home renovation and design websites – there are many blogs and websites that provide great tips about how to create the perfect kitchen design. If you can make up your mind about the overall style of your kitchen, you can enter the style in your browser and then check out the sites that seem interesting;
  • Talk to a home design expert – a granite countertops Denver design consultant can surely give you some great ideas about what works and what doesn’t in your kitchen;
  • Design shows online or on TV – many design experts have their own social media channels on which you can find great, practical tips and design tips about how to style your kitchen.

Granite Maintenance Tips

granite countertops Denver maintenance tips

Granite is a durable and beautiful natural stone and does not require much maintenance. But granite does require minimal care to keep it in good condition. In order to do that, some simple steps are:

Use proper cleaning products

The simplest way to maintain the granite countertops Denver surfaces it to clean them on a regular basis, by using warm water, mild dish soap and a paper towel or a granite cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Products that contain bleach, vinegar or citric acid can damage your countertop.

Protect the surface

In order to protect the surface, you could use some coasters under drinks to prevent contact with the condensation from the drink glasses or cutting borders when are preparing food. Typically, granite countertops are resistant to heat, but you could try to avoid putting hot pans on the surface.

Use a sealant

Although not all the granite countertops require a sealant, it will give them extra protection against the spills. Because granite is a porous stone, the liquid substances and stains can easily seep into the surface. Basically, this sealant fills the stone pores. Nevertheless, do not forget to clean up the spills as soon as they occur. The most dangerous are wine, coffee, cooking oil and sauces.


Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Vanity Clean

The bathroom is among the most used rooms in any home – if left unattended, it can quickly become covered in dirt that is not only unsightly, but dangerous for human health as well. Tidying the bathroom should be an ongoing process, but keeping the vanity clean should not be very tedious – here are some tips:

  • Start with a thorough clean – remove all the items that you keep on your vanity, including cosmetics, bottles, boxes of tissues and clean all the surfaces thoroughly. Clean the items that you keep on the vanity, too – cosmetics bottles tend to accumulate residues and perfume bottles tend to become dusty, so wipe all of them clean. Pay attention to the mirror and to its frame as well – limescale deposits can be efficiently removed with vinegar; You can find granite countertops Denver cleaners and polishers to help them shine.
  • Get storage units – smaller and larger wicker baskets or stylish boxes are nowadays widely available and very affordable. These organizers will make cleaning much easier in the future and they also look great on the countertop;
  • Maintain cleanliness – cleanliness needs to be maintained, too. Wipe any spot that you notice during usage and don’t keep items that are not regularly used on the vanity countertop – they are better kept on a shelf tower or in a cabinet.

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Tips for Budgeting for Your Granite Countertop Remodel

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If your granite countertop is the focal point in the kitchen, but you no longer like the way the old surface looks, here are a few things that you should know about how to budget for the remodel:

  • The costs – for new granite countertops Denver businesses charge between 2,000 and 4,500 dollars, with installation included. The price range might seem wide, but a lot depends on the grade of the granite, on the thickness, the grain and the color of the material. If the surface of your existing countertop looks worn, but the stone is otherwise in good condition, you can get it refreshed and resealed – it will cost you a fraction of the price of a new slab;
  • Extra features – there are lots of extras available from granite fabricators. The most popular features include cutouts for sinks or faucets, special treatments applied on the surface or on the edges. Obviously, the more simple the slab, the cheaper;
  • Tips for saving – fortunately, there are some great wayss to reduce the costs related to your countertop remodel. You can ask your fabricator whether they can offer you any remnant slabs or you can choose prefabricated slabs that don’t need too much cutting. Another way to make your countertop cheaper is to use granite tiles, rather than whole slabs.

Granite or Marble Countertops?

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The kitchen countertop is the best opportunity to take advantage of the qualities of natural stones. Beautiful and functional, the kitchen countertop can be made of both granite and marble. But what is the best material?

In the following lines, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two very popular materials, according to a few relevant criteria.


The aspect of granite is quite different compared to marble. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors because its composition contains combined mineral crystals. These minerals make each granite block to be unique.

Marble is natural stone that usually has a light color, especially when it is formed of pure limestone. When impurities are found in its composition, such as clay minerals or iron oxides, marble can be blue, gray, pink, yellow or even black.


Maintaining a granite countertop is much easier compared to a marble countertop. Even if granite is a porous material too, the effects of acidic or chemical substances are much less harsh on a granite countertop.

Marble countertops are more prone to stains than granite, because of to their color and larger porosity.


If you want durability, choose granite over marble. Local stone warehouses will provide you with the best selection of durable granite countertops in Denver.


How to Lighten up Your Windowless Kitchen

A kitchen with enough natural light becomes instantly a welcoming space, where cooking turns into a pleasant and relaxing activity. However, if your kitchen is windowless and installing windows is not an option, learn that there are some simple ways to bring natural light in.

  1. A revolutionary idea is the insertion of solar tubes on the roof, which will bring natural light inside the kitchen through a prismatic diffuser.
  2. Bring the natural light from the next room

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A smart way to bring more natural light into the kitchen is to visit the best granite countertops Denver building supply stores and choose the granite that most reflects overhead lighting. In addition, include reflective surfaces in the adjoining room (dining room), or to think about a renovation project, in order to remove the wall separating the two rooms and create an open kitchen – separated of the dining room only by its distinctive layout. This way, natural light will automatically reach the space where you cook.

  1. Use open colors in your kitchen

White and light colors have the power to reflect any light source and this potential has to be exploited to the fullest. In the case of white walls, the corners fade in a discreet manner, and the room will seem optically bigger.

  1. Use adequate artificial lighting to compensate the lack of natural light.