The Differences Between Pre-fab Granite and Whole Slab Granite

Natural stone is probably the best choice for kitchen countertops, mainly due to its resistance to wear and tear, but also to its beauty. When it comes to granite, you can choose from pre-fab stone countertops or slab options. Let`s learn to make the difference between them.

Pre-fab granite

These countertops are cut to standard dimensions, so they fit on any standard countertop. Installation is also easier and faster. The only disadvantage is that, in some cases, these pieces are manufactured in bulk, with insufficient quality control, thus the stone may be too thin, mixed with resin etc.

Pre-fab granite countertops also tend to be limited to only the common colors and shapes, and color consistency may also vary among different pieces.

whole slab granity

Whole slab granite

These whole slab granite countertops Denver fabricator pieces are custom-made and they are created from a single slab of stone, which ensures color and texture continuity. Seams are discreet, and the edges can also be customized to suit any project style and customer preference. Installation takes more time than in the case of pre-fab granite countertops.

Both types of materials require an adequate level of care and maintenance, so in the end, you must choose according to your budget and the demands of your kitchen,  or the area where you plan to install the countertop.