The Difficult Task of Caring for Your New Granite Countertops

Getting new granite countertops can be exciting, but you also have to make sure you take proper care of them in the long run. The alternative might lead to damage that can’t be easily repaired, and it could even lead you to the prospect of having to replace your countertops sooner than you thought you’d need to.

One of the first things you have to do after the new countertops are installed is to inspect how well they are sealed. Cheaper counters will be somewhat poorly sealed, so you have to be careful about wine, oil or juice spills, which can create lasting stains. If you can’t afford a more expensive and better sealed granite countertop, make sure you avoid such spills in the future.

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Despite being highly durable, granite is still prone to cracking. So make sure that you avoid large, heavy objects falling on your granite countertop, and focus especially on protecting its corners and edges.

Granite countertops Denver installers say that because of the size of most typical granite slabs, granite countertops are usually installed with seams, which might be a change from other counters you used to own in the past. As time goes by, it’s good practice to protect the seams from spills and damage, as they can be more fragile than other areas.