The Most Popular Grains of Granite for Countertops

 granite countertop grain

Granite is not only one of the most popular countertop materials used today – it is also among the most diverse materials, one that comes in a huge variety of colors and grains. The material derives its name from the word granum, Latin for grain and indeed, it is the grain (the pattern formed by the arrangement of colored minerals in the composition of the stone) that makes each slab of granite unique. Here are some of the most typical grains used with granite countertops in Denver homes:

  • Coarse grain – the minerals that make up the stone are arranged in larger, more conspicuous patterns. The dominant color of the slabs is determined by the mineral that is included in the largest quantity – K feldspar is responsible for blue, black, pink and yellow lines, mica is violet or pink, while quartz is transparent and it highlights the other colors;
  • Medium grain – with this grain size, the spots and lines are much smoother, the texture is less conspicuous, but the colors are the same as in the case of coarse grain slabs;
  • Fine grain – the texture of these slabs is almost homogenous, but each of the small grains has its own way to reflect light, so fine-grained slabs are really elegant.