The Proper Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are valuable and durable assets, surfaces that can stand up to lots of abuse, but when it comes to cleaning, they need special attention and gentle care. Here is how to clean your granite countertop, the best method to preserve its beauty along with its cleanliness:

 granite countertop cleaning

  • Check whether the surface of the granite countertops Denver install is properly sealed – granite is a porous material that can absorb the substances it comes in contact with if it is not properly treated. Before doing any cleaning, check the sealing by leaving a few drops of water on the surface – if the drops bead up, the sealing is perfect, if they run, the countertop needs resealing;
  • Use some mild detergent, such as dish soap and a piece of soft cloth, such as microfiber cloth and some hot water, then gently wipe the surface to remove impurities;
  • Granite is impervious to bacteria, but if you want to make sure that no bacteria thrive on your countertop, finish the cleaning process by spraying the countertop with a mix of one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Leave the mix on for about 3 minutes, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

You can use one of the special granite cleaners available in stores, but avoid harsh substances, such as products that contain ammonia or bleach because they can cause permanent damage to your granite countertop.