Things to Consider Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

omputer tablet showing finished kitchen sitting on house plans with pencil and compass.

In order to create a pleasant and fully functional space, there are some design principles that you should not ignore. Therefore, the way you remodel and set up the kitchen must be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

  1. Do not block access to the “kitchen triangle”

Design specialists refer to the space between the sink, cooker and refrigerator as “the kitchen triangle”; it is the area where the most intense activity is carried out and which definitely requires space for adequate mobility.

  1. Do not neglect storage spaces

By their nature, the kitchens have to host many things, from food to cooking tools and appliances. Finding a place for all of these while keeping them at your fingertips can be a tough job. A mission that can be greatly simplified by careful planning.

  1. Do not neglect the workspace

Taking into account all the activities that require the presence of a countertop, as well as the appliances that need to be put on something, it is logical to include as many plane surfaces as possible in your kitchen. Selecting full slab granite countertops from Denver inventory will give you a beautiful, easy to clean, sleek food prep work space.

  1. Do not ignore the lighting

The kitchen is not a room where you can afford to have a poor lighting. It is not just a matter of design; it is also a safety issue, especially when it comes to handling the food preparation tools.

  1. Ensure proper ventilation

Even the most beautiful kitchen fades into a closed and suffocating environment.