Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Faucet

Faucets are essential components in any bathroom, elements that play an important aesthetic and functional role as well. The best faucet not only works perfectly, opening and closing easily and without wasting water, but it also features a design that works with the best discount cabinets Denver offers, style of the sink, or of the tub it is installed on and integrates into the design of the bathroom as a whole as well.

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Selecting the best faucet can be challenging, so here are a few tips for you that could make the task easier:

  • Knowing the four basic types – center set faucets come with a spout in the middle and two handles on the sides, all mounted on the same plate; widespread faucets are made up from a spout and two lateral handles as well, bit each component is a separate unit; single hole faucets integrate all three components into one column and wall-mount faucets are installed on the wall and are completely separated from the sink;
  • Choosing the style – shiny, chromed designs are more suitable for modern bathrooms, while brass or satinated surfaces work better in rustic or traditional bathrooms. Clean, straight shapes are for minimalist kitchens, while the faucets that feature a vintage look can best complement traditional bathroom design.