Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Bathroom Vanity

Does your old bathroom vanity look worn and dull, but you don’t know how to pick the color of the new one? Here are a few tips that can help you choose the vanity and beautiful Denver countertops that becomes the focus of your bathroom, while also complementing the other décor elements in the space:

  • For a calming effect, identify the principle color scheme in your bathroom and choose one of the colors in the scheme as the dominant hue for your vanity. Try to include a color featured on the wall – if you are planning to repaint your bathroom walls, complete the painting to see what the room looks like and pick the color of the vanity afterwards; if you don’t want to do any major tile installation, also choose a detail featured on the walls;
  • If you want your vanity to stand out, pick a strong color that attracts the gaze, even if the color is not featured anywhere else in the bathroom (a great way to integrate bold colors is to use accessories of the same color, such as towels and cosmetics bottles);
  • Don’t forget about texture – the shiny or satin versions of colors look completely different from matte versions, so pay attention to that aspect as well.

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