Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom Vanity

Denver cabinets and bathroom vanities tend to get dirty all the time and so are the items kept on them, such as the cosmetics bottles, the beautiful box in which your keep your make-up products. However, cleaning the vanity does not have to be the daunting, tedious, time-consuming process that you know it to be – here are some easy steps to make the cleaning more efficient:

bathroom cabinet and vanity cleaning

  • Remove all items kept on the in the cabinets and vanity – this is the hardest part of the entire cleaning process, but it is essential for efficient cleaning and lasting results. Remove all the bottles and other items from the surface and clean them, too, if they need to be cleaned;
  • Use the right type of cleaner on the cabinet and vanity – you need a cleaner that is efficient on all types of dirt, but not harsh on the surface. Check the label on your cleaning product before using it on the surface – the wrong type of cleaner can cause permanent damage on your vanity;
  • Wipe down the cabinets and vanity – use a soft piece of cloth and water to do the wipe-down – it is an important step that will reveal any stubborn stains that need more of your attention;
  • Scrub the surface, then rinse and let it dry – address every stain, every spot, then remove the dirt and the cleaner with lukewarm water. When the surface is clean and dry, you can put your cosmetics and other items back on the vanity.