Tips for Deciding on the Perfect Vanity Shape

The vanity in your bathroom is among the most important components, so it should be chosen very carefully, paying attention not only to the size, the color and the shelf or drawer configuration, but to the shape as well.

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Search bathroom building supplies Denver discount stores for select inventories and special pricing. Here are some tips about how to choose the perfect shape:

  • Consider the size of the room – comfortable traffic and usage are two very important aspects when you choose the shape of your vanity. Rectangular vanities are the easiest to fit and if you choose a model that does not extend more than the sink, they don’t take up much of your bathroom shape;
  • Special shapes for special sinks – if the best place for the sink is in the corner, don’t worry about the vanity, there are great, very attractive, corner-shaped vanities. If you have a large bathroom to furnish, such as your master bathroom, you can choose a large, L-shaped vanity that runs along two walls – the solution is great for double sinks, but the space created with the vanity is very useful in any bathroom. Curved vanities can also work well in your bathroom – depending on the overall style of your bathroom, you can choose sleek, modern, minimalist styles or antique replications.