Tips for Keeping Your Cabinets Clean

Cabinets are essential items in any kitchen and bathroom – they are the storage components where we keep towels and toiletry, cutlery, dishes, spices, kitchen towels, appliances, practically everything that is not in current use. Like everything else in the kitchen and in the bathroom, cabinets also tend to attract dirt, inside and outside – bathroom cabinets can quickly get covered in soapy residues and spills of cosmetics, while in the kitchen, food residues, oily grime and dust tend to settle on cabinet surfaces.

 cleaning cabinets

If you have just cleaned your cabinets and you are wondering how you can maintain that cleanliness for as long as possible, here are a few tips:

  • Use shelf liners – line your cabinet shelves with wax paper, plastic canvas, linoleum floor pieces, even self-adhesive floor tiles. They don’t get dirty so quickly and they are much easier to clean that the porous surface of cabinet drawers;
  • Use smart cabinet hardware – you can place racks and space dividers inside the shelves to keep the contents organized and grime off;
  • Use vinegar for cleaning – vinegar removes grease more easily than any other cleaning chemical and it also prevents quick dirt build-up;
  • Keep the drawers and the cabinet doors closed – this is the best way to keep dirt away from your cabinet interiors. If the cabinet doors don’t close properly, fix the issue, then consider installing self-closing hardware to make usage easier.

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