Tips for Making Your Kitchen Remodel Cohesive

Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home or you use it only occasionally, cohesive design is essential for any place that feels good to spend time in. Here are some tips from Buy and Build professionals about how to achieve a cohesive look in the room:

  • Use a color scheme – the shades and hues that you use in your kitchen will determine the overall atmosphere in the space and will also have an impact on usability (some colors are more sensitive to staining than others). The best way to achieve the right color balance is to pick three colors, out of which two should be simple, preferably neutral or natural colors and one should be stronger, to add personality to your accents;
  • A consistent style – the hardware in your kitchen, such as the cabinet knobs, the faucets and the lighting fixtures, should be chosen to be matching in style. When thinking of matching styles, you can match contrasting styles, such as an elaborate chandelier with contemporary hardware or you can use the same style across all your hardware;
  • Choose the countertop before choosing the color for the walls – repainting walls is easier and cheaper than getting a new countertop, so make sure to match the wall color to the countertop and not the other way around.

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