Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Spring Remodel

Denver home remodeling

With warm weather settling in reliably, many homeowners start to prepare for spring remodeling projects. Like any building-related project, remodels also need planning and preparation – here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Remove valuables and fragile items and move them to safety – if your remodeling project involves work done inside, start the preparations by emptying the rooms you will be working on and making sure they are all stored safely, away from any vibrations, in a place where they cannot fall or get damaged. If you will be remodeling your outdoor space, do the same with your outdoor furniture and make sure your plants are also protected;
  • Protect floors and other high-traffic areas with foil;
  • Include the unexpected into your schedule as well as into your budget – updating your kitchen and replacing Denver granite countertops most likely will go according to plan, but be prepared that you may need more materials and more time than initially scheduled;
  • Prepare the other members of your household – any remodel project involves work done with power tools that rotate at high speed or work that generates falling debris. While adults can assess such situations and stay away from danger zones when they need to, children and pets might run around in places where they shouldn’t, increasing the risk of accidents. Try to make arrangements to contain your pets for the entire duration of the project and it is recommended to move young children to the grandparents or to friends while the remodel is going on to ensure their safety.