Top Cabinet Colors for Kitchens and Bathrooms

A fresh layer of paint applied on your old cabinets is an inexpensive and very easy way to transform the way your kitchen or your bathroom looks – here are a few tips about the best hues to choose for your discount cabinets Denver kitchen or bath:

  • Light green – a calming pastel color that adds style to any kitchen or bathroom, light green is a resistant color that conceals the stains and spots that come naturally with the activities typical in kitchens and bathrooms,
  • Gray – light and darker shades of gray are excellent for creating a space in which the focal point is attractive, but not overpowering. Gray is a color that is easy to accessorize – whatever colors you use around your cabinets, the gray will bind all of them together to create the harmony that you need,
  • Navy blue – a great choice for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom because it is not sensitive, it inspires calmness and it can be accessorized with vintage elements and with sleek, modern handles alike,
  • Coral – a very popular color used for cabinetry nowadays that works best in bold, creative environments,
  • Color combinations – pairing a neutral color with a bold hue that matches a décor element in the room can transform your cabinets into powerful expressions of your personality.