Top Granite Countertop Colors of 2021

Countertops are central elements for any kitchen; their appearance and functionality are analyzed by customers at the time of choosing and purchasing them. Synthesizing the selection criteria, we reach two as being of great importance, one is aesthetic and the other functional: durability and color. The durability indicates granite countertops as the best option for any kitchen. On the other hand, the color also makes granite a great countertop material, considering that it is available in a wide range of colors with significant variations. Nature produces granite of all colors.

granite colors offered by granite countertops Denver retailers

Here are some of the top colors offered by granite countertops Denver retailers:

Monterosa Comercial

Monterosa Comercial is a type of granite with a white background and intense shades of black and silver. Due to the minimalist chromaticity, it is widely used in simple kitchens, with massive and robust pieces of furniture.

Giallo Fiorito Granite

Giallo Fiorito granite comes from rock quarries in Italy and is considered one of the types of luxury granite. Its golden aspect will give your kitchen an elegant, sophisticated and refined air.

Branco Granite

Branco granite comes from rock quarries in southeastern Europe. The chromatics of this model include cream and gray.

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown granite comes from rock quarries in Finland. Often used in combination with solid wood furniture, this material will complement the aspect of your kitchen with one of its two dominant colors: black and brown.