Top Trends for Bathroom Cabinets That You didn’t Know About

Denver cabinets

Looking for the right bathroom cabinets has never been an easy task. Considering all the products that are out there is difficult enough, but when you think that you also have to keep up with the newest trends and pick cutting edge designs that are also practical, it might seem a little confusing and overwhelming overall.

Most experts will recommend that homeowners look to the next few trends in dealing with the situation:

  • Sleek cabinets are among the most sought out types of cabinets you can get for your bathroom. Whether they’re made from metal, wood or other materials, cabinets featuring sleek, shiny panels and doors as well as ornate elements and trims in favor of forward facing cabinets will turn out to be quite attractive and practical.
  • Another trend to look out for in 2022 is Denver cabinets featuring open shelving. Many homeowners these days tend to prefer open shelves to traditional cabinets and vanities for their bathrooms. Kitchen and bath remodeling seems to be taking a turn towards unique shelving and cabinets that either feature transparent doors or no doors at all.
  • While some trends feature a more open ended feel, others focus on greater privacy through increased laundry storage and cabinets that keep a low profile, or are even somewhat concealed. This approach will still maintain that open vibe but without putting every item you have in your bathroom on display.