Trends in Lighting Fixtures – Vintage, Contemporary and Everything in Between

The lighting fixtures you install in your home might seem like a small addition, but in fact they are just as important for the harmonious appearance of your rooms as larger statement items such as pieces of furniture or wall decoration. Fortunately, lighting is available in such a wide array of styles and sizes that you can find the perfect match for any room design – here are a few of the hottest trends:

  • LED lights – the trend of using LED lights is here to stay. These lights are not only attractive and suitable for numerous different design solutions, but they are also durable and about 8 times more energy efficient than conventional lighting bulbs;
  • Retro lighting with Edison bulbs – these special solutions combine vintage looks with modern technologies. The attractive bulbs are suitable for various environments from sleek apartments to rustic log houses and they are nowadays available in LED-friendly versions as well, and can be found at any of your well known construction supply Denver retailers;
  • Pendant lighting – not a new trend, but definitely a lasting one, pendant lights are available in contemporary design and in vintage style as well. You can choose from among fixtures with one light or larger ones that incorporate multiple bulbs to fit the style of the room and the purpose of usage.