Types of sinks for your kitchen

large rustic white porcelain sink and granite stone countertop

There are many options when it comes to choosing a sink for your kitchen and, considering that it is a very important fixture, used every day, it is vital to know what you are buying.

Sinks are different in size, type of materials and installation.  Versatile construction supply Denver dealers will have a variety to look at so that you have a better understanding of the types available.


  • Single basin kitchen sinks
  • Double basin kitchen sinks


  • Stainless steel – it is probably the most popular material (about 70% of kitchen sinks are manufactured from stainless steel, due to its durability, aspect and easy maintenance)
  • Granite composite – this is a more expensive material, typically made of 80% natural stone and 20% resin. It has a great visual impact besides all the other benefits that come with a durable material.
  • Cast iron, covered with an enamel finish – a traditional material, still popular today
  • Fireclay covered with porcelain enamel


  • Farmhouse

What defines this type of sink is its forward facing section, installed to replace a portion of the counter (in most cases, the counter must be custom-made). Farmhouse sinks are associated with a traditional design.

  • Top mount (drop-in sinks)

This type of kitchen sinks fits into a hole in the countertop, being held in place by a lip, or a rim; there is no need for support under the counter.

  • Under mount

This type of kitchen sink is mounted underneath the counter, providing a modern and clean look.