What Are Your Best Options for Bathroom Vanity Materials?

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Bathroom vanity cabinets can be a great idea both in terms of comfort and when it comes to making your bathroom look great. These types of cabinets can blend in with your bathroom design and they’re a perfect investment when you want to renovate your bathroom to get some extra dollars when selling your home.

But what types of discount cabinets Denver bathroom materials should you consider for your new bathroom vanity? Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Plywood is quite common for a number of different types of furniture, and it can do wonders for your bathroom vanity.
  • If you want a somewhat cheaper option, you can consider PVC cabinets. PVC is a little less common, but it can also blend in quite well when considering certain modern designs.
  • Solid wood is often considered to be the most traditional option, and many think it’s the best material when it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets. Aside from being stylish and durable, it also comes with a number of practical varieties, including maple, poplar, birch and oak.
  • Finally, a more technologically advanced material that can increase durability to some extent is MDR (medium density fireboard). This material consists of composite fiber combined with about 30% worth of small pieces of wood, which gives it an extra boost when it comes to resilience, as well as a completely unique look.

Different Types of Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges come in just as many types as cabinets, so if you feel that the task of getting the right hardware is too daunting, here are a few of the most common hinge types explained:

  • Continuous hinges – also called piano hinges, these units are made from one long piece of metal and they are suitable for any type of cabinet door. They are easy to install, they fasten the door securely and they also add extra stability to the door;
  • Cup hinges – these durable hinges can be used to adjust the position of the door without having to take the door off;

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  • Ball bearing hinges – these smooth and durable hinges work great for larger, heavier doors as well. The bearings used in the hinges are permanently lubricated, so ball hinges never get stuck or rusty;
  • Demountable hinges – these hinges allow you to take the door off without having to dismantle the entire cabinet door hardware. They are self-closing hinges, so they make the perfect choice for homes with young children;
  • Face frame hinges – also called semi-concealed hinges, these solutions come with exposed cabinet wings, therefore they serve not only practical, but decorative purposes as well.
  • You can look at discount building materials in Denver to find cabinet hinge options.

Home Renovation Products to Get Your Dad this Father’s Day

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Shopping for Father’s Day can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating, especially that your dad will probably tell you “Oh, you do not have to bring me anything”, anytime you ask him about what he wants or what he needs.

However, without generalizing, we can safely assume that most dads will appreciate practical gifts. All the more, if your dad plans a home renovation project, you should consider offering him for Father`s Day some useful renovation products.

So, instead of searching for a book or a tie, why don`t you take visit to your local Buy and Build home center? You will surely be able to find some great gift ideas that your father will appreciate.

We offer you just a few ideas.

  • A power tool

Power tools are necessary in any home and you cannot go wrong with buying one of these as a present. For example, choose a driver drill with various attachments that transform it into a multifunctional tool used not just for drilling holes and driving screws, but also for polishing and grinding. If you choose a kit, the main tool will come with different accessories.

  • A painting kit

Painting kits are very helpful, if you choose quality materials and a solid brand.

  • A pressure washer

This is one of the most popular do-it-yourself tools, used for cleaning fencing, siding and windows, watering the garden, washing cars etc.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs Today

The kitchen is the focal point in most homes – even if there is a comfortable and carefully designed living room in the house, family members and guests like spending time in the kitchen, especially if it is an attractive and inviting space. When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, fashion trends come and go, but there are some lasting trends that have been around for a while and will stay popular in the future, too – here are a few ideas to make the most important components of any kitchen, the cabinets functional and stylish at the same time:

  • Keep it light and clean – shaker-style cabinets (multi-door units with recessed panels in the center) and simple designs inspired by farm life fit into any kitchen design and they look great in all-white and in colorful environments alike. Sleek Denver countertops in granite, concrete or marble look great with shaker style (or any style for that matter!) cabinets.
  • Creative storage options – innovative storage fixtures, such as inserts inside the cabinet doors, that save space and make the kitchen easier to use are very popular in large and small kitchens alike.
  • Glass front cabinetry – a great, eye-catching design solution that can highlight collectibles, glassware and fine dishes.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets – these tall units provide space to store less-frequently used items and can be attractively combined with units that are not so tall.

Professionals at Buy and Build can help you make amazing design choices.

DIY Cabinet Installation – Easy if You Have Everything at Hand

Installing cabinets in your kitchen or in your bathroom on your own might seem intimidating at first, especially if you are not experienced in DIY installation, but with a step-by-step, strategic approach you can make it all easier – here is how:

  • Make accurate measurements first – there is nothing more frustrating than getting cabinets that do not fit into their place. However, you can easily avoid trouble if you make accurate measurements before you buy anything;
  • Check and mark the cabinets to install them in the right order – when your cabinets arrive, check them right away to see whether you were sent what you ordered, then place them into their location and mark them in the order they will be installed;
  • Make sure you have the right tools and accessories – levels, glue, measuring tape, clamps, studs and the tools you use to work with them and with the cabinet boards, such as drills, saws and glue guns are essential for successful installation;
  • Make the floor as level as possible before you install the cabinets – use the highest point as reference;
  • Start the installation with the unit that is the least conspicuous. If you have base and wall-mounted units as well, start with the ones on the floor – hanging up wall-mounted units is easier, but if you start with floor-mounted ones, you will be able to install the ones on the wall in a perfectly straight line.

Finally, make sure you visit a preferred discount cabinets Denver company to purchase your cabinets at affordable prices.

Should I Remodel My Bathroom? – Signs that Tell You to Act

The bathroom is probably the most expensive room in the house when it comes to remodeling, that’s why most homeowners keep postponing complete bathroom remodeling and prefer to do small repairs every now and then, hoping that they will keep the bathroom operational. However, there signs that tell you the remodeling can wait no longer – here are some of them:

  • Mold keeps coming back in the shower area and in the corners, even if you use mold removal substances regularly;
  • Leaking fixtures – toilets and showerheads can stay functional for around a decade – if yours are older than that, they are probably causing problems already and you need to replace them. New items are also more water-efficient, so you will soon the benefits of the replacement on your water bills;
  • Your tub is cracked or it gets easily stained and never looks perfectly clean – tub surfaces develop pores over time and become difficult or impossible to clean. If the tub is otherwise in good condition, you may consider using a few layers of special enamel paint to refresh the tub’s appearance and prevent easy staining;
  • High humidity and odors – if the air in the bathroom does not feel right, chances are the room does not ventilate property and you need to replace the exhaust system.

Visit a well known Denver kitchen cabinets manufacturer to find some of the best made kitchen and bathroom cabinets for your project. 

Trends in Lighting Fixtures – Vintage, Contemporary and Everything in Between

The lighting fixtures you install in your home might seem like a small addition, but in fact they are just as important for the harmonious appearance of your rooms as larger statement items such as pieces of furniture or wall decoration. Fortunately, lighting is available in such a wide array of styles and sizes that you can find the perfect match for any room design – here are a few of the hottest trends:

  • LED lights – the trend of using LED lights is here to stay. These lights are not only attractive and suitable for numerous different design solutions, but they are also durable and about 8 times more energy efficient than conventional lighting bulbs;
  • Retro lighting with Edison bulbs – these special solutions combine vintage looks with modern technologies. The attractive bulbs are suitable for various environments from sleek apartments to rustic log houses and they are nowadays available in LED-friendly versions as well, and can be found at any of your well known construction supply Denver retailers;
  • Pendant lighting – not a new trend, but definitely a lasting one, pendant lights are available in contemporary design and in vintage style as well. You can choose from among fixtures with one light or larger ones that incorporate multiple bulbs to fit the style of the room and the purpose of usage.


Painting Tips – Tools and Preparing the Paint

Repainting the interior of your home is an excellent, quick and affordable way to refresh the looks of your rooms and to create the impression that the entire home has been remodeled.  Finding great local building materials Denver companies offer can help you buy the products at affordable costs.  Here are a few tips to make the job even easier:

  • Find the right color – if you are not sure what color would suit the overall atmosphere of the room, simulate it online. There are lots of great and free online tools that allow you to recreate the layout of your room and will show you what your room will look like with the new color;
  • Use the right tools and materials – the quality of the paint, of the primer, of the roll, of the protective foil you use to prevent unwanted staining on floors and furniture and the tape you use for protecting the trim are essential for success. You will need multiple rolls of different sizes – large ones are great for the surface of the wall, while smaller ones are great for corners;

Mix a large amount of paint – it is very difficult to get the same color twice, so when you have found the perfect hue, make sure you mix enough of it to cover the entire room consistently.

The Most Popular Paint Colors You Can Use to Make Your Home Stand Out



When it comes to considering new trends in interior decoration, we can’t ignore the importance of paint colors. The following are some of the most well-known colors and trends that interior design experts would recommend this year:


  • Chinoiserie Red combined with hues of white and bright gray can give your home a lively yet relaxed appearance. With strongly contrasting designs that, however, feature gentle transitions and rounded elements reminiscent of a more traditional appeal, you can have a clean, modern design that everyone can enjoy.
  • Compatible Cream is a stunning choice if you want to get that oriental or Persian look that makes high value homes stand out. Sunny, relaxing and extremely flexible when it comes to blending it with anything from white and green to dark brown, this is one paint color you won’t regret adding to your home.
  • Lavender Mist is another new trend that you can’t beat. The appeal of lavender and its combination with darker and lighter hues of violet, as well as white and black surfaces, can make your room stand out as stylish and mysterious.
  • Salmon Peach set against high contrast green elements in the bedroom or study will turn your home into a brighter, more upbeat environment. Varying palettes can also be used to add a more retro or natural appearance to the room.


There are, of course, many more paint colors you can consider, visit an exclusive discount cabinets Denver area retailer to get some ideas on some colorful kitchens to see what suits you best.  However, when it comes to the newest and most exciting trends adopted this year, these are some of the most commonly recommended paint colors you will find.

A Look at the 3 Most Practical and Appealing Countertop Materials on the Market

Do you want to get the best countertops for a busy kitchen but still have your kitchen area look stunning from all angles? The following are three of the best countertop materials you can consider in terms of aesthetic appearance, overall resilience and price.


  1. Polished Granite


Polished Denver granite countertops remain one of the best types of materials you can consider, even though it has one of the most affordable pricing ranges when compared to its competitors. Granite is a natural material, and the patterns you get are always completely unique, so it definitely looks great. Moreover, its traditional appearance can add high class appeal to any kitchen.


  1. Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tile is generally applied over plastic laminate countertops or a plywood substrate. The prices for the materials themselves are usually much lower than the cost required for most types of countertops, and depending on the complexity of the installation, you won’t have to pay so much. Ceramic tile isn’t as durable and low maintenance as other choices, but its aesthetic appeal and lower price range is definitely a huge plus.


  1. Wood


The unique appearance of wood is also made durable through the use of high density materials such as rock maple. Other choices also include teak, cherry, oak and walnut. Wooden countertops can be extremely beautiful if properly maintained, and they are always an inspired choice for homeowners who enjoy making their kitchens appear completely unique.