Unique Toilet Designs for Your Bathroom

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The toilet is among the most underestimated fixtures in the bathroom, yet it plays not only a functional, but also an aesthetic role. The design of the toilet, its shape, its color, the way it is fixed on the wall or on the floor are all important for creating a harmonious look or making a strong style statement with your bathroom, so here some unique design tips for you:

  • Colorful toilets – toilets nowadays come not only in white, but in a variety of colors, pastel, bright and dark hues alike. Many colored units feature unusual designs, such as shaped like a giant pipes or other unusual shapes;
  • Colorful or brightly lit seats – you can refresh the looks of traditional toilets with a colored seat or with a seat made from transparent plastic and fitted with LED strings. The illuminated toilet seats can be set to light up separately from the other lighting fixtures in the bathroom, that way you will not need to turn on bright lights at night if you wake up just to go to the toilet;
  • A sustainable toilet – toilets that use the water coming from a small wash basin above the reservoir are becoming quickly popular. The water that you use for washing your hands goes into the toilet’s reservoir and is used for the flushing, thus reducing your household’s water consumption.

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