What are the Most Durable Countertops?

In the kitchen, if you go for a stone countertop you get an elegant aspect, but also many practical benefits. Stone countertops are arguably some of the most durable, offering high resistance to bending, pressure, high temperatures and mechanical actions.

Here is why the following types of countertops are the best choices for kitchens:

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* Granite

Although it is expected to be gray or gray with uniform dots, granite can actually offer a wide variety of colors. It is the most durable stone recommended for kitchen Denver countertops.

* Slate

In polished form, slate has a sophisticated look, while enhancing the natural aspect in modern kitchens. Very resistant to acidity (lemon, vinegar or other acidic ingredients used in the kitchen), slate is very suitable for countertops and kitchen tables.


Due to its beauty and elegance, onyx is extremely popular where a sophisticated aspect is desired, ensuring an atmosphere of modernism and luxury. It is a carbonaceous mineral rock, with a smooth and slightly porous surface of a great durability.

* Travertine

Travertine has a very high hardness, being the third by granite and diamond, in the range of natural stones, therefore it has a high resistance to mechanical stress, compression and wear.