What Are Your Best Options for Bathroom Vanity Materials?

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Bathroom vanity cabinets can be a great idea both in terms of comfort and when it comes to making your bathroom look great. These types of cabinets can blend in with your bathroom design and they’re a perfect investment when you want to renovate your bathroom to get some extra dollars when selling your home.

But what types of discount cabinets Denver bathroom materials should you consider for your new bathroom vanity? Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Plywood is quite common for a number of different types of furniture, and it can do wonders for your bathroom vanity.
  • If you want a somewhat cheaper option, you can consider PVC cabinets. PVC is a little less common, but it can also blend in quite well when considering certain modern designs.
  • Solid wood is often considered to be the most traditional option, and many think it’s the best material when it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets. Aside from being stylish and durable, it also comes with a number of practical varieties, including maple, poplar, birch and oak.
  • Finally, a more technologically advanced material that can increase durability to some extent is MDR (medium density fireboard). This material consists of composite fiber combined with about 30% worth of small pieces of wood, which gives it an extra boost when it comes to resilience, as well as a completely unique look.