What Hardware Do I Need for My Bathroom Cabinets?

There are several categories of hardware, necessary for installing and customizing bathroom cabinets.


Knobs are the most basic type of cabinet hardware. Typically, they are designed to be attached to the cabinets’ doors with just a single screw. Knobs are made of various materials such as metal (brass, zinc, stainless steel or bronze), but also marble and crystal, for more sophisticated bathroom cabinets. Knobs can also be purchased in a variety of styles: traditional, transitional, contemporary, rustic… and the list goes on. The wide range of available sizes and shapes allows customers to choose the best match for their  unique Denver granite countertops and cabinetry.

 luxury large white master bathroom cabinets with double sinks.

Cabinet pulls and handles

A pull or handle is attached to the cabinet`s door by means of two (or more) screws. There are many available sizes and styles, suitable, for all kind of cabinets.

Pulls or handles can be mounted in different ways:

  • in the lower inner corner of the cabinet`s door
  • right in the center of the door
  • in the vertical or horizontal center of the door
  • at any aesthetically pleasing location to the customer

Cabinet latches and catches

They serve similar functions (holding cabinet doors closed) and the two terms are often used interchangeably, regardless the differences.