What Is a Granite Countertop and How Do You Really Recognize One?

Granite is a great choice for countertops, since it’s fireproof, highly resilient and highly durable – among many other qualities it also possesses. The problem, however, is that it can be really hard to notice exactly what genuine, high quality granite looks like and differentiate it from fakes and lower quality commercial grade granite.

granite sample colors

A luxury granite cut will always stand out as unique. However, there are also many important differences between that type of granite and commercial grate or moderate quality granite. For example, commercial grate granite will usually have many soft minerals dispersed throughout the surface, while its less colorful appearance is also a dead giveaway. Moreover, in the case of mid-grade granite countertops, you can usually find a greater variation of color and a higher diversity of elaborate, intricate patterns.

The highest quality granite will usually have the rarest and most resilient materials and minerals, as well as the most unusual patterns and rarest colors of all. Although this isn’t always the norm, you can be sure that the most beautiful and rarest pieces of genuine granite are the ones that are most expensive.

Of course, you won’t always need an expensive piece to feel satisfied. In most cases a mid-grade granite countertop will be remarkably satisfying, especially if you happen to get the precise colors and patterns that you and your family will enjoy the most.

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