What is a Waterfall Countertop?

An ever-growing trend in terms of contemporary design style, waterfall Denver countertops are the type of counter for which the edges do not end abruptly, but rather they descend vertically down to the floor, creating a spectacular waterfall effect for your kitchen or bathroom.

The kitchen thus gains a fluid, charming appearance. The key element for this type of countertop is to make the transition from the upper, working countertop, to the two sides, both subtle and elegant. Therefore, it is preferable to use the exact type of material and texture all around the waterfall countertop.

 Denver countertops

Waterfall edge Denver countertops can give any kitchen a sophisticated, glamorous look. In fact, it becomes the kitchen’s central point of interest as soon as it is installed. They can also look great in the bathroom, making your personal space more appealing and elegant.

They can be built out of several types of material, including stone, marble, quartz or wood. They can create a dramatic look, depending on the design, color and chosen material. Regardless of one’s preferences, waterfall countertops still stay on top of kitchen trends. They can turn kitchens into a more welcoming, chic place to have meals or spend more time with friends and family.