What Is Cabinet Resurfacing?

Cabinet resurfacing is a great, low-cost way to refresh the appearance of your cabinets in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The process involves the application of a thin layer of material, usually wood or plastic veneer, on the outer surface of the cabinets and on the drawer fronts and optionally the replacement of the old knobs and handles as well. Resurfacing comes with many benefits over complete cabinet replacement – here are some of the most important advantages:

  • Low costs – if you choose resurfacing, you need to buy only the veneer and the hardware for the knobs or handles;
  • No design limits – veneers are available in so many styles, textures and colors and there are so many other materials that you can combine them with that resurfacing is more of an enjoyable, creative process than tedious renovation work;
  • No experience required – you don’t need experience or special tools to resurface your cabinetry, all you need is the veneer that you want to apply and some adhesive material, such as glue;
  • A quick and easy process – the new veneer can be applied on top of the old one, so the process does not involve any dismantling and it does not generate any debris that would need to be removed.

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