What Is the Best Way to Clean the Bathroom?

Ideally, bathroom cleaning should be an ongoing process, but daily scrubbing and wiping is hard to fit into our schedules. When you decide to spend some time restoring the cleanliness of what is probably among the most used rooms in any home, you probably want to be efficient and very thorough at the same time.


Here are some tips for you from home improvement consultants and building suppliers at Buy and Build:

  • Ensure proper ventilation – most bathroom cleaning products are strong and they might emit unpleasant fumes, so before you start cleaning, open the doors and the windows in your bathroom;
  • Cleaning the tub – put on rubber gloves, then spray the tub inside and outside with a product that is efficient and safe for the surface, then wait for a couple of minutes for the chemical to start working. Use a sponge with a scrubbing surface to remove stubborn dirt, then rinse every residue. Of you see any mold, use a suitable mold-removing substance;
  • Cleaning the toilet and the washbasin – the process is essentially the same as with the tub, just make sure you use separate sponges and pieces of cloth on each of the surfaces;
  • Cleaning the floor – leave the floor to the end. The method is the same as with the other surfaces;
  • Don’t forget the fan – the bathroom fan needs to be vacuumed and cleaned with a mild detergent whenever you clean the rest of the space.