What is the Difference Between a Full slab and Prefab Granite 

granite Denver countertops

The advantages of granite Denver countertops are numerous: they do not deteriorate on direct contact with a heat source, they are available in a very wide range of colors, they keep their appearance for a long time, they have an extremely long life, they are light maintenance, they do not contain chemicals and do not emit harmful gases or radiation, they do not require special care and can be recycled.

If you have decided to opt for a countertop made of this material, you will find that you have two options: granite slab and prefab granite. Which one is better? – To get a good answer, you will have to learn to make the difference between them.

Granite slabs are customizable, which means that they can be cut according to the needs of each client. This customization makes them more expensive then prefabricated pieces, but perfect for kitchens with non-standard needs and sizes, as well as for people who appreciate having the option to customize the edges or seals of their countertops.

On the other hand, prefab granite is still granite, but cut to standard sizes.

Other than this, there is very little difference between these two options. Granite slab and prefab granite look and feel similar. The natural veining and colors can be more consistent in the case of slabs, considering that they come as one continuous piece, but such details are barely noticeable.