What Is the Process for Granite Countertop Installation

Denver countertops

Installing your own granite countertop might seem like a complicated and time-consuming project, but in fact it is a simple and straightforward project that even inexperienced DIY enthusiasts can accomplish successfully. Here are the steps:

  • Buy your slab – granite slabs are sold by local Denver countertops retailers and as well as online. A great way to make your work easier is to find a company that provides cutting services as well, that way you can have a slab with the openings for the faucets, the sink or any other features executed professionally. To get the right results, make sure that your measurements are accurate (pay special attention to the openings);
  • Get the tools – beside the right type of safety equipment consisting of work gloves and glasses, you will need a caulk gun, a level, a drilling tool, some screws, silicone, waterproofing paint, a circular saw and measuring tape. If you decide to buy an unfinished slab, you will also need polishing stone, a polishing compound and a sealant;
  • The installation process – prepare the cabinets for receiving the granite slab and reinforce them with a piece of plywood. Waterproof the plywood with a suitable coating product, then wait until the coating dries. Dry-fit the slab to see if it matches the plywood – if it doesn’t make the necessary adjustments, cutting the slab with the circular saw and smoothing the edges with a wet grinding wheel. When you are sure that everything fits, fix the granite slab into place, then lift it with some help and apply beads of silicone to glue the slab to the plywood.