Why Does Everyone Love Granite Countertops?

The main characteristic of granite is that it is very resistant to factors like moisture, temperature and mechanical shock. This makes it one of the best materials (alongside with marble) for floors, bathtubs and kitchen countertops.

Granite countertops are not cheap, but they provide many advantages and can be purchased in various colors and shades, including pearly and golden, which makes it easy to be matched with the rest of the kitchen and used to create different styles. Its color will not fade away.

custom kitchen interior - granite designed with cabinetry footprintMaintaining a granite kitchen countertop is extremely convenient and requires almost no effort at all, because the molecular structure of this natural stone prevents infiltrations. Almost any substance that is deposited on it will drain or evaporate, without leaving permanent stains. Therefore, there is no need for special cleaning substances; the simplest way to clean a granite countertop is by using water and a sponge. Its smooth surface also keeps bacteria away.

The particular hardness of this material makes it resistant to scratches.

You can have your granite countertop customized in any shape you want, to fit the custom Denver kitchen cabinets design. However, you must always consider the weight of the furniture that will be covered with the countertop, as granite is a heavy material.